Tyrone approves pension plans and communications policy for employees

Tyrone Borough approved pension plans and a communications policy for its employees at the latest borough council meeting.
Finance director Phyllis Garhart said she had been working on bringing the borough into compliance on the pension plan since 2003.
She explained all the benefits are restated in the documents covered by ordinance number 1227 for non-uniform employees and ordinance number 1228 for uniform employees.
Garhart explained the idea was to put the information into one document. She said the information is contained in contracts and collective bargaining agreements. She said the last ordinance on pension plans was dated 2002.
Garhart explained the pension plans were previously detailed in multiple ordinances. By adopting the ordinances on Monday, one for uniform and one for non-uniform, the borough was able to consolidate the information.
“(It was done to) make it easy for the borough and its employees to read and understand,” said Garhart.
She said the borough has three uniform (police) employees and 29 non-uniform employees.
Garhart indicated the borough has been working on other issues in order to consolidate the information in one place to make it easier to reference.
The borough also adopted a resolution cover communications for borough employees. The idea of the policy is to spell out appropriate and inappropriate uses for communications facilities such as phone, fax, Internet and e-mail. Borough employees will receive a copy of it and have to sign off on the policy.
It was agreed Interim Borough Manager Sharon Dannaway would follow up reports of inappropriate use only at the direction of council. A matter in question would have to brought to council’s attention. Its members would then have to agree to direct Dannaway to conduct an investigation which could include the review and monitoring of communications facilities used by an employee.
At a meeting earlier this month, council took action regarding another aspect of its communications systems.
It accepted a Nextel proposal to upgrade radio, cellphone and pager systems. The new plan combines the cellphone and pager system into one. The plan will increase the borough’s communications costs $2,488.30 annually. The new systems increase the amount of cellphones for all departments from 10 to 25 but eliminates 17 pagers which are now incorporated into the phones. The new system is also designed to provide additional security for borough employees.
In other business related to its employees, council heard from Tammy M. Datris of JJAN Financial Group, Inc. at the most recent meeting. She explained some options regarding employee healthcare. Council took the information under advisement but made no formal decisions.
Council also approved a request for the use of City Hotel Park for Dance Fusion students. The owner, Lindsay Folk, requested July 14, 22, August 5 and 13 for 7 p.m. performances by the students. All the performances are scheduled on Thursday evenings.
Council also approved a request from the Emmanuel Baptist Church for the use of the Fireman’s Field (beside the Neptune Fire Company) for a music camp on July 21.
Council was also informed of a “rat problem” which had developed recently in the park located on Park Avenue between 6th and 7th Street. Council was informed the rats had been coming out at night. Some reports indicated at least 30 rodents had been seen in the area. A determination as to the exact reason for the infestation was not yet known as of Monday’s council meeting.
Interim Borough Manager Dannaway informed council Tyrone was working with Ferguson Pest Control and Lawn Care of Altoona to take care of the situation.