Tyrone Hospital donates surgical equipment to Mount Aloysius College

Students at Mount Aloysius College who are training to work with surgeons in the operating room now have additional equipment to use in their program as a result of a donation made to the college by Tyrone Hospital.
Walter S. Van Dyke, CEO at Tyrone Hospital said the hospital has upgraded and replaced some supplies and equipment used for surgery and was able to donate some items that the hospital had in stock to the Surgical Technology Program at Mount Aloysius College.
\”There are a number of surgeons who practice at Tyrone Hospital and they work closely with surgical technologists as members of the surgical team. We are fortunate to have educational institutions in our region, like Mount Aloysius College, that train these health care professionals. We are pleased to be able to lend support in this way,\” said Van Dyke.
Surgical technologists work with doctors in a variety of ways in the operating room. Their responsibilities include prepping patients for surgery, setting-up the particular instruments surgeons need, handing instruments to surgeons while they are operating, assisting with the surgical procedure and sterilizing equipment following surgery.
Mount Aloysius has mock operating rooms that the surgical technology students use in their training. A PHACO machine used for cataract surgery, a total hip replacement system and other miscellaneous items used in operating rooms were donated.
Clifford Smith, Chairperson of the Surgical Technology Department and Assistant Professor at Mount Aloysius College said the college did not have the items that Tyrone Hospital donated.
\”The surgical technology students will now be able to train on a wider variety of equipment in the classroom setting, which is a more relaxed learning atmosphere.\”
The equipment donation was coordinated by Harry (Chip) Dillon, III, a surgical technologist at Tyrone Hospital who is also a graduate of the surgical technology program at Mount Aloysius College.
Dillon said he knows from his own experience that this equipment will be valuable for the surgical technology students.
\”Among the donations was a kit that is used for total hip surgeries, which is an involved surgery. The kits are complicated because there are so many different instruments that the surgeon may use. They contain many different items that the surgical technologist must learn to identify and some of the items have to be assembled. Now, students can familiarize themselves with the equipment before they do their clinical rotations in an actual operating room.”