Tyrone Area Youth Baseball Association

Rick Day Construction and Gardner’s Candies each won a pair of games this week to maintain their stay at the top of the Tyrone Area Youth Baseball Association ladder with records of 4-1. Ferguson Pest Control is currently 2-3, while Elks is 0-5.
MAY 21
Rick Day Construction 9 Elks 2
Rick Day Construction turned a close game into a rout with a pair of three-run innings in the opener on Saturday. Holding a slim 3-2 advantage, the Construction crew poured it on with three runs in the top of the fourth and three more in the fifth in a game which featured no errors by either team.
Matt Myers, Jeremy Miller and Nick Patton each had two hits for Rick Day and Richard Crabtree and Nick Romano slugged triples, while Justin Miller had a pair of base hits for Elks and Derrick Emigh scored both runs.
Jeremy Miller and Richard Crabtree combined for the win for RDC limiting Elks to just three hits. Miller struck out four and walked five, in three innings on the mound to earn the win, and Crabtree fanned three and walked three. Justin Miller pitched the first three innings for Elks to take the loss.
Score by innings
RDC 120 330 9-10-0.
Elks 101 000 2- 3-0.
Individual Stats
RDC – Matt Myers, cf, 4-1-2; Ricky Day, 2b, 3-0-1; Jeremy Miller, p-ss, 4-1-2; Ian Murray, c, 3-0-0; Drew Miller, 3b, 2-1-1; Richard Crabtree, ss-p, 4-1-1; Nick Patton, 1b, 3-2-2; Nick Romano, eh-lf, 2-3-1; Alfie Diehl, lf, 2-0-0; Jarrod Woomer, rf-eh, 1-0-0; Tyler Friday, rf, 0-0-0. TOTALS 29-9-10.
Elks – Derrick, ss, 0-2-0; Andrew Warrender, cf, 3-0-0; Kaleb Chronister, 2b, 2-0-0; Jared Shaffer, 3b-p, 1-0-0; Justin Miller, p-3b, 3-0-2; Josh Loose, eh-lf, 3-0-1; Jeremy Clancy, rf, 1-0-0; Ryan Isenberg, c, 2-0-0; Derrick Dasher, 1b, 2-0-0; Casey Riddle, lf, 1-0-0; Jarred Fuoss, rf, 1-0-0. TOTALS 19-2-3.
3B: RDC-Crabtree, Romano.
RBI: RDC- Crabtree 2, Woomer 2, Je. Miller, Romano.
SO: RDC-Je. Miller (3 inn.) 4, Crabtree (3 inn.) 3
Elks-Ju. Miller (3 inn.) 3, Shaffer 1.
BB: RDC- Je. Miller 5, Crabtree 3
Elks- Ju. Miller 4, Shaffer 3.
Gardner’s Candies 10 Ferguson’s Pest Control 4
Gardner’s Candies put seven runs on the scoreboard in the fifth inning of the late game on Saturday to hammer out a 10-4 victory over Ferguson’s Pest Control.
Gardner’s outhit their opponents 14-4 in slugging their way to the win. Jordan Faretta led the way with three safeties and Justin Spanik, John Kimberling, Robby Marlett and Tyler Osterhout added two each. Tyler Glashauser had Ferguson’s only extra-base hit, a double.
Jacob Belinda tossed the first three innings to earn the win for Gardner’s, while Jimmy Ferguson went the distance to take the loss for Ferguson’s, striking out five and not walking a batter.
Score by innings
FPC 100 003 4-4-0.
GC 201 07X 10-14-1.
Individual stats
FPC – Korry Cowher, ss, 3-0-0; Johnny Romano, cf, 1-1-; Mark Roth, 2b, 3-1-0; Jesse Shaffer, 3b, 3-1-1; Jimmy Ferguson, p, 3-1-1; Seth Barrett, c, 3-0-0; Tyler Glashauser, 1b, 2-0-1; Joey Miller, eh-lf, 1-0-0; John Friday, rf, 1-0-0; Kirby Lawrence, lf-eh, 1-0-0; Shawn Givler, rf, 1-0-0. TOTALS 19-4-4.
GD – Justin Spanik, cf, 3-2-2; Corbin Ray, c, 3-0-0; Jordan Faretta, ss, 3-2-3; John Kimberling, 1b-p, 3-2-2; Robby Marlett, 2b-3b-1b, 3-1-2, Tyler Osterhout, 3b-lf-rf, 3-1-2; Jacob Belinda, p-3b, 3-0-0; Courtland Pannebaker, lf-2b, 3-0-1; Derrick Fisher, eh-lf, 2-1-1; Jacob Hatfield, rf-eh, 2-1-1. TOTALS 28-10-14.
2B: FPC- Glashauser.
GC- Spanik, Faretta, Kimberling, Osterhout, Hatfield.
RBI: FPC-Ferguson, Glashauser.
GC-Spanik 2, Faretta 2, Kimberling 2, Osterhout 2, Pannabaker.
SO: FPC- Ferguson (5 inn.) 5.
GC-Belinda (3 inn.) 4, Kimberling (3 inn.) 2.
BB: FPC- Ferguson 0.
GC- Belinda 4, Kimberling 1.
Rick Day Construction 3 Elks 3
A pair of runs in the bottom of the third inning spelled the difference in Thursday’s opening game. Rick Day Construction and Elks were tied 1-1 when the Rick Day offense put up two scores. Elks made a valiant comeback try in their final at bat, but fell a run shy.
There were only a total of six hits in this game, all singles. Matt Myers and Richard Crabtree had Rick Day’s only hits, with Myers, Jeremy Miller and Tyler Friday scoring their runs.
Derrick Emigh scored both of Elks’ runs and has a single. Josh loose, Ryan Isenberg and Casey Riddle also had base hits for Elks.
Richard Crabtree was the beneficiary of the third-inning outburst to pick up the win, while Justin Miller went all the way, with seven strikeouts and two walks to absorb the loss, despite pitching a two-hitter.
Score by inning
Elks 100 010 2-4-3.
RDC 102 00X 3-2-1.
Individual stats
Elks – Derrick Emigh, ss, 2-2-1; Andrew Warrender, cf, 2-0-0; Kaleb Chronister, 1b-p, 1-0-0; Jared Shaffer, c, 3-0-0; Justin Miller, p-1b, 3-0-0; Josh Loose, 2b, 3-0-1; Ryan Isenberg, 3b, 1-0-1; Jared Fuoss, lf-eh, 3-0-0; Casey Riddle, rf-lf, 3-0-1; Jeremy Clancy, eh-rf. TOTALS 23-2-4.
RDC – Matt Myers, cf-1b, 3-1-1; Ricky Day, 2b, 3-0-0; Jeremy Miller, 1b-p, 1-1-0; Ian Murray, c, 2-0-0; Drew Miller, 3b, 1-0-0; Richard Crabtree, p-ss, 2-0-1; Nick Romano, lf-eh, Alfie Diehl, ss-cf, 2-0-0; Jared Woomer, rf-cf, 2-0-0; Tyler Friday, eh-rf-lf, 1-1-0. TOTALS 19-3-2.
SO: Elks- Ju. Miller (3 inn.) 7, Chronister (3 inn.) 3.
RDC-Crabtree (3 inn.) 2, Je. Miller (3 inn.) 7.
BB: Elks- Ju. Miller 2, Chronister 0.
RDC-Crabtree 3, Je. Miller 1.
Gardner’s Candies 6 Ferguson’s Pest Control 5
Gardner’s Candies and Ferguson’s Pest Control traded leads throughout the contest, before Gardner’s scored twice in the top of the sixth in their final at bat, and Ferguson’s was only able to score once, falling 6-5 to the Candymen.
Ferguson’s Kirby Lawrence and Jimmy Ferguson were the only batters on either club to bang out two hits, while teammates Seth Barrett and Shawn Givler scored two runs.
Gardner’s John Kimberling pitched the final five innings to pick up the win with six strikeouts and three walks, while Korry Cowher went all the way for Ferguson’s fanning nine and walking a pair.
Score by innings
GC 003 012 6-3-2.
FPC 030 101 5-5-4.
Individual stats
GC – Justin Spanik, 3b-cf, 3-1-1; Tyler Osterhout, cf-lf, 3-0-0; Jordan Faretta, ss, 3-1-1; John Kimberling, 1b-p, 2-1-0; Robby Marlett, 2b-1b, 3-0-0; Derrick Fisher, lf-eh, 2-1-1; Corbin Nevling-Ray, c, 3-0-0; Jacob Belinda, p-3b, 3-0-0; Courtland Pannebaker, eh-2b, 1-1-0; Timmy McElwain, rf, 0-1-0; Jacob Hatfield, rf, 1-0-0. TOTALS 24-6-3.
FPC – Korry Cowher, p, 3-0-1; Mark Roth, 2b, 3-0-0; Jimmy Ferguson, c, 3-0-2, Jesse Shaffer, 3b, 3-0-0; Seth Barrett, cf, 0-2-0; Johnny Romano, ss, 2-1-0; Shawn Givler, eh, 2-2-0, Tyler Glashauser, 1b, 1-0-0; Joey Miller, lf, 1-0-0; John Friday, rf, 3-0-0; Kirby Lawrence, lf, 2-0-2. TOTALS 23-5-5.
2B: GC-Spanik.
3B: GC-Faretta.
SO: GC-Belinda (1 inn.) 0, Kimberling (5 Inn.) 6.
FPC- Cowher (6 inn.) 9.
BB: GC-Belinda 3, Kimberling 3.
FPC-Cowher 2.
Minor League
May 19
Hookies 17 Jean-Os 3
Score by Innings
Hookies 265 4 17-2.
Jean-Os 003 0 3-3.
H: Nick Wolfe (3B., HR-inside the park, grand slam).
J: Jordan Miller (1B, 1B), JoJo Steinbugal (2B).
NOTE: Hookies pitcher Nick Wolfe had 9 Ks
Knights of Columbus 16 Cowfer’s Contracting 6
KOC 252 7 16-2.
CC 500 1 6-4.
KOC: Nathaniel Soellner (1B, 1B).
CC: Kolten Taylor (1B, 1B), Sean Welsh (2B), Brent Fredrick (1B).
NOTE: KOC pitcher Zach Soellner had 8 Ks
May 20
Hookies 8 Knights of Columbus 6
Score by innings
KOC 000 06 6-3-1.
HO 410 3X 8-2-0.
KOC: Nathaniel Soellner (1B), Tristan Lingafelt (1B), Tiffany Chamberlain (1B).
HO: Nick Walk (2B), Nick Mills (1B).
NOTE: Hookies pitcher Nick Mills had 11 Ks
Jean-Os 13 Cowfer’s Contracting 6
Score by Inning
J-O 562 0 13-4-1.
CC 420 0 6-2-3.
J-O: Freedom Sprankle (3B), Jordan Miller (2B), Drew Chronister (2B), D. J. Wunder (1B).
CC: Kolten Taylor (1B), Seth Welsh (1B).
NOTE: Jean-Os pitcher Jordan Miller had 10 Ks.
May 21
Knights of Columbus 7 Cowfer’s Contracting 4
Score by Inning
CC 101 110 4-10-0.
KOC 300 041 7-12-1.
CC-Seth Welsh (3B, 1B, 1B), Kolten Taylor (1B, 1B), Ben Shetler (1B, 1B), Garrett Hunter (1B), Simon Wilson (1B), Cody Neil (1B).
KOC: Justin Reader (HR-inside the park, 1B, 1B), Tiffany Chamberlain (1B, 1B, 1B), Tristan Lingafelt (1B, 1B), Nathaniel Soellner (2B, 2B), Ryan Cassett (1B), Zach Soellner (1B).
Chill-N-Grill 15 Jean-Os 1
Score by Innings
CNG 355 4 17-11-1.
J-O 100 0 1-2-0.
CNG: Jacob Belinda (2B, 1B, 1B), Anthony Zimmerman (1B, 1B), Lucas Woomer (1B, 1B), Joey Gearhart (1B, 1B), Derek Lehner (1B), Dusty Stroup (1B).
J-O: Jeffrey Woomer (3B, 1B).
May 25
Chill-N-Grill 13 Cowfer’s Contracting 0
Score by Inning
CC 000 0 0-1-0.
CNG 733 X 13-5-1.
CC: Kolten Taylor (1B).
CNG: Jacob Belinda (1B, 1B), Anthony Zimmerman (3B), Lucas Woomer (3B), Dylan Weston (1B).
Hookies 13 Elks 7
Score by Inning
HO 544 0 13-6-0.
ELKS 002 5 7-4-0.
Hookies: Cory Snyder (3b, 2B), Bradley Wirtner (3B), Ryan Fink (1B), Eli Hatfield (1B), Nick Wolfe (1B).
Elks Tyler Biddle (1B, 1B), Jeffrey Goss (1B, 1B).