Late scores lead Lady Eagles to win over Cats

Thursday’s softball game in Huntingdon was a smooth yet well-earned victory for the Lady Eagles, finishing seven innings with a final score of 9-1. Outs were the key to the Tyrone game, the Lady Eagles only allowing the Bearcats eight hits in seven innings.
The Eagles opened the game with a slow first inning followed by a run by Megan Turiano, batted in by Heather Stanton in the top of the second. Katie Young, shortstop for the Lady Bearcats, brought in their only hit of the game in the bottom of the first.
While holding off Huntingdon for six short innings, the Tyrone squad managed to prolong their stays at bat, bringing in three consecutive innings runs by Katie Whitby, Hilary McNelis and Missy Stager at the top of the third.
The ladies slowed down for the fourth and fifth innings, doing nothing more than trading outs and bruising egos back and forth.
Finally they began to step up again in the sixth with a run each by Megan McAllister and Ashley Ripka, batted in on a base hit by Hilary McNelis. With the score set at 6-1 going into the seventh, it was time for the newly relaxed and focused Tyrone girls to show off bit.
Playing the seventh like a fierce playground brawl, Megan Turiano, Megan McAllister and Heather Stanton each pulled in runs for the Eagles, setting the final score at 9-1.
The Lady Eagles take on their final regular season opponent on Monday when they meet Bellwood-Antis away at 4:30 p.m..
Tyrone 9 Huntingdon 1
Tyrone – Whitby CF 4-1-0; McNelis P 4-1-2; Stager SS 4-1-0; Cherry C 4-0-0; Turiano 3B 4-2-3; McAllister DP 4-2-1; Stanton 1B 4-1-3; Ripka LF 4-0-1; Bryan 2B 3-1-1. TOTALS: 35-9-11.
Huntingdon – Young SS 4-1-2; Yingling 2B 4-0-1; Hallahan CF 4-0-0; French C 3-0-2; McNeal P 3-0-2; Norris RF 3-0-0; Magill 1B 2-0-0; Ficker LF 2-0-1; Grove DP 2-0-0. TOTALS: 27-1-8.
Tyrone 013 002 3 9-11-1.
Huntingdon 100 000 0 1-8-4.
Multiple Hits: TY: McNelis, Turiano, Stanton, H: Young 2, French 2, McNeal 2.
Doubles: TY: Stanton, McAllister.
RBI: TY: McNelis (2), Stager (1), Stanton (3), Ripka (1) H: French (1).
SO TY: McNelis 3, H: McNeal 7.
BB: TY: McNelis 2, H: McNeal 8.
WP: McNelis (TY) LP: McNeal (H)