Arrest made in Tyrone robbery cases

Tyrone Borough Police Chief Joseph Beachem said an arrest was made over the weekend in two robberies which happened in the borough on Friday.
This morning, Beachem told The Daily Herald that a 22-year-old man from Tyrone was asked to come to the police station on Sunday. Beachem said his department asked the man to come to the station after it determined he may have been involved with the robberies
During the interview, Jason Paul Neil of 2257 Columbia Avenue admitted to his involvement in the robberies.
The incidents happened on Friday morning at the residence of Ramona Frank at 2115 Lincoln Avenue and the residence of Donald and Sarah Jane Miller at 1852 Hamlin Avenue.
A press release from Beachem said officers were sent to the Lincoln Avenue location at about 10:20 a.m. on Friday.
Upon arrival officers found there had been a forced entry into the home and some knives and a few dollars in change had been taken from the Frank residence.
Later on Friday at about 1:15 p.m., officers were sent to investigate the other burglary on Hamlin Avenue.
Evidence of a forced entry to the basement of the Miller residence was found. Several items had been taken from the home and it had been ransacked.
Beachem said among the items taken were a starter pistol with an ivory handle, a plastic container with Susan B. Anthony coins and 50-cent pieces, a checkbook, three folders containing old pennies, a silver one-hundred dollar bill and several two-dollar bills.
Beachem said the value of the items was approximately $1,000.
Beachem said Neil was then taken to Blair County Prison on a parole detainer. He said charges against Neil regarding the robberies were being prepared to be filed at the Magisterial District Judge’s office today.
During a phone interview, Beachem said there is at least one other suspect in the robberies. However, the press release said the investigation is continuing to determine if anyone else was involved in the incident.