Tyrone Hospital volunteers recognized

One of the ways members of the community support Tyrone Hospital is by joining the hospital family as a volunteer. Volunteers donate time to assist the hospital in a variety of departments.
“It is truly an honor to have volunteers as members of the Tyrone Hospital family,” said Walter S. Van Dyke, Chief Executive Officer at Tyrone Hospital. “We are pleased to have members of the community involved in the hospital and helping us fulfill our healing mission. More importantly, the service they give to our patients is truly appreciated by the patients.”
“I retired from Tyrone Hospital. I know there are a lot of things a volunteer can do to help ease the workload of hospital employees,” added Frances Hunter, volunteer in the Tyrone Hospital Rehabilitation Center.
Hunter has donated her time to support Tyrone Hospital for more than 15 years and has given more than 9,500 hours.
Along with Hunter, Jack and Sally Swiderski are also long-term hospital volunteers. Mr. Swiderski volunteers in the operating room and has given more than 14 years and over 3,100 hours. Mrs. Swiderski, who volunteers in the business office and is also a hospital retiree, has given over 10 years and more than 3,100 hours.
“I enjoy being around people. It is a good way to spend time and there is the satisfaction of knowing what you do is of help to others,” said Anna Mae Campbell, marketing office volunteer.
Tyrone Hospital has a program in place that recognizes volunteers based on established levels of hours of service. This year, three volunteers that joined the hospital’s volunteer program in 2004 were recognized for achieving more than 100 hours.
Those recognized were Connie Baker of the radiology department and the short procedure unit patient escort service, Anna Mae Campbell of the marketing office, and Sandy Kimmel of the short procedure unit. Nancy Hunter, a hospital retiree also donated hours during 2004 and Brian Moore, of Tyrone, who is a pre-med student was a summer volunteer.
Recently, the program welcomed Elizabeth Leach of Tyrone who serves as a patient escort for the short procedure unit.
Theresa Yanchetz, coordinator of Tyrone Hospital’s volunteer program said all of the volunteers have been very generous and have given time beyond their regularly scheduled volunteer hours to help with special projects, events or new services.
“All of them also give time to other organizations and causes close to their heart,” added Yanchetz.
The hospital’s volunteers were celebrated at a luncheon held in their honor on April 22 during National Volunteer Week.
For more information about the Tyrone Hospital volunteer program, call Yanchetz at 684-1255 ext. 539.