Tyrone AD decides its time for a change

Tyrone Area School District Athletic Director Tony Yaniello has decided to step down following a four-year tenure.
Yaniello, a Physical education teacher, Yaniello will remain as a full-time teacher according to Dr. William Miller, Tyrone Area School District Superintendent.
“I believe (his decision) included the workload in terms of his reason, that was indicted in the resignation,” said Dr. Miller. “We’re very appreciative of the service that he’s provided to the district as an athletic director over the years.
“He will certainly remain on as a full-time phys-ed teacher,” said Miller.
Yaniello came to Tyrone in 1979 and served as the school’s varsity wrestling coach for 20 years. He still coaches the boys and girls track and field team and has served as a voluntary coach for the Eagles football team for several years.
Yaniello said he still enjoys coaching and cited the desire to be more involved in coaching and the chance to “mold young minds” among the reasons for the decision. In addition to being track coach, he said he planned to get more involved in Tyrone Area’s football and wrestling programs.
For now, Yaniello will finish out the school year as Athletic Director and plans on helping the new athletic director to “get up to speed” whenever the position is filled, likely before the next school year.
“Basically, it’s a lot of work for one man,” said Yaniello. “The work load was becoming gruelling. Being an athletic director is like being a full-time coach for every sport. It is a full-time job all by itself. I will miss the camaraderie with the other athletic directors, but I enjoy coaching. I have not been able to devote the time to coaching football that I feel is needed. Since the 1999 championship season, I haven’t been able to really enjoy coaching the football team. Coach Franco has indicated there is a full-time assistant position open.
At the same time, he indicated he appreciated the efforts by others in the department. He said it was “enjoyable working with the coaches” over the years.
“I would like to thank the Tyrone Area School Board and the administration and all the people who have made it possible for me to get the job done over the four years, I have been the athletic director. I wanted to do this early enough to get the new AD ‘over the peak.’” When I took over four years ago, the previous athletic director, Mike Burket had already left. It’s always better to have someone close who can help the new guy out.”
The Tyrone Area School District will advertise internally first for a new athletic director, then open the search outside the district if no suitable candidate is found.