Kunzler honored at ABCD annual breakfast

Kunzler & Co. Inc. was honored on Thursday at the annual ABCD breakfast meeting.
The Alexander A. Notopoulos award is presented each year to honor a top business in the county by the Altoona Blair Count Development Corporation. Steve McKnight, ABCD’s director of corporate services, said his organization looks at about 10 companies each year for the award before paring down the list to about four or five.
McKnight said ABCD has had a long-term development partnership with Kunzler as the company has continued its expansion.
The company was founded more than a century ago and moved to Blair County in the 1980s. It now employs in excess of 200 people.
The manufacturer produces lunch meat for businesses which sell food products. It also produces a half-a-millon pounds of sliced bacon on a weekly basis.
McKnight said Kunzler represents exactly the type of business which is driving the regional economy. He said the company is representative of “an existing businesses expanding to hire new people.”
McKnight added, “Kunzler represents all that is good in terms of increasing the good paying manufacturing jobs in the area. We were pleased to look at all the companies and Kunzler stood out. We’re happy to see them get the recognition.”
David Grazier, Kunzler vice president and general manager, was on hand for the ceremonies held at The Columns in Altoona on Thursday. He explained how pleased he was for the company to get the award.
“It’s a great honor to receive the Alexander A. Notopoulos award,” said Grazier.
He mentioned some past winners have included Sheetz, Smith Transport and DelGrosso’s. He said companies involved with expansion, job creation, community involvement and other criteria are considered for the award.
“We were glad to have the consideration,” added Grazier.
McKnight told The Daily Herald the Altoona Curve was among the other businesses and organizations honored at Thursday’s breakfast. He said the Curve was recognized for helping to bring regional and national attention to Blair County.
As for Kunzler, the company undertook a 22,000-square-foot, $6.5-million dollar expansion project recently which allowed it to further expand employment. Previous reports indicated the expansion would allow for 25 to 50 additional workers.
Kunzler’s facilities are located in Tyrone Borough and Snyder Township including the Juniata Packing building on old Route 220.