Current Snyder supervisor running for two-year term

Republican candidate and current Snyder Township supervisor, James L. Miller has announced his candidacy for a two-year term as township supervisor.
Miller was born and raised in Tyrone to age 17. In the second week of his senior year, his family moved to Fort Myers, Florida, and he graduated from Fort Myers High School in May of 1958. In November of 1958, he joined the Navy for a four-year term and was honorably discharged from the Navy in December of 1962.
Miller then moved to Columbus, Ohio where in March of 1963 was married to his wife of 42 years, Mary. Together they raised one daughter and one son and now have two granddaughters and two grandsons, all of whom reside in Fort Myers.
He worked for Watson Motor Rebuilders and Westinghouse Electric between 1963 and 1965 when Westinghouse had a big layoff, which included Miller. Then, he decided to move to Fort Myers. In May of 1965, Inter-County Telephone hired him, which some years later, and after a couple of name changes, became the Sprint Telephone that exists today. He retired four years ago after 35 years of service.
“Although life was very good to my family and myself in Florida, I always wanted to return to Pennsylvania,” said Miller. “About five years ago, I was able to realize my dream when Mary and I returned and settled in Bald Eagle. We built a new home and I became involved with some of the affairs in the local community.”
In November of 2004 after the death of Jim Daughenbaugh, Snyder Township supervisor for many years, Miller was appointed by the two remaining supervisors to serve for the first year of the three years remaining on Daughenbaugh’s term.
“I am now running to complete the remaining two years,” he added.
At the January reorganization meeting, Miller was named vice-chairman of the board of supervisors and was also appointed Road Master.
“I hit the ground running, and with the cooperation of the other two supervisors, we have already accomplished a great deal. There is much remaining to be done and one year is not enough time,” Miller said.
“I hope the voters of Snyder Township will choose to give me the additional two years. It is my intention to serve all of the residents of Snyder Township in the best way that I can.”