Businessman Brian McManigal seeks slot on Tyrone Council

Tyrone businessman Brian G. McManigal Sr. is running for a two-year term on Tyrone Borough Council in the May 17 primary.
McManigal is part of a group called “Team Tyrone” that is seeking four council seats which are up for grabs along with the mayor’s office.
In a statement to The Daily Herald, McManigal cited more than 30 years of experience serving the people of the community. He also said he’d “appreciate the opportunity to serve at the local government level.”
McManigal said, “I would like to forge solid relationships with surrounding townships and communities to advance our community. I believe that the true spirit of cooperation is the best way to accomplish this. This I-99 corridor project is marching on and I truly believe it is big enough for all if we work together.
“I would like to explore new avenues to attract industry to our area,” said McManigal. This approach would bring more jobs, sell more properties, generate new business and in fact, expand our tax base. Thus, begin to lighten the load for the residents of Tyrone.”
McManigal also spoke about another issue which has gotten a lot of play in light of last year’s flooding.
“I will also try to rekindle the battle for flood water management,” said McManigal.
“I support a real, down to earth, common sense approach to resolve these issues as well as many others,” said McManigal. “Working with the people and for the people is the ultimate goal. After all, it is the people’s hard earned dollars being spent.”
McManigal noted, “I am not a career politician, nor do I aspire to be one. I was brought up to believe sound principles and not to paint pictures that don’t exist. Anyone alone pretty much has to play the cards they were dealt. I honestly believe that together with help of the people we can stack the deck in our favor.”
McManigal concluded by saying, “At the risk of sounding cliche, the power is where it has always been, with the people…”
He said members of “Team Tyrone” would not let the opinions of the people “fall on deaf ears.”
McManigal operates Mac’s Market, a business his father bought in 1974. McManigal explained in his statement, he was proud of his father’s courage and determination which led to his own experience in the business.