Bill Jones drops out of race for Tyrone Borough Council

W. A. “Bill” Jones has announced he is dropping out of the election race for Tyrone Borough Council due to health reasons.
Jones found out he had heart problems after making the announcement he was running for a position on council. He said now that he knows about the problems he cannot make time for both the upcoming election process and his ministry.
Jones and his wife, Judy, have formed About Him Ministries, and they frequently travel along the East Coast to sing at gospel concerts and church functions.
“I hate to do it because I think I could do the town some good,” said Jones of his feelings about not being able to run for council.
“If I can’t do it one-hundred-percent, I don’t want to do it,” he added.
“I thought I could do good for the community. That’s why I ran.”
He wants to thank everyone for supporting him and wants to thank everyone who signed his petition.
Jones was a member of “Team Tyrone”, a group of candidates who announced together that they were running for positions in the upcoming election.
Other members of “Team Tyrone” include current councilman William C. Fink who announced he is running for mayor while former council member Sarah Jane Miller, Jay Young and Brian McManigal will seek council seats in the Republican Primary scheduled for May 17.