Discovery Channel makeover show to feature couple with local ties

Today, Keith Carper and his girlfriend Maura Hall will be featured on a makeover show on the Discovery Channel at 3 p.m.
The show originally aired on January 10.
Keith is the son of former Tyrone resident, Randy Carper and his wife, Doris.
According to information provided by the family, Keith and Maura are motorcycle enthusiasts, and they participate in Harley races throughout the Southeastern United States. Keith recently won a race in New Jersey and is currently ranked 18th in the country in that particular race series.
The couple was chosen to be featured on the show after Maura wrote a letter to the Discovery Channel makeover TV program. Her letter was chosen, and in October, a television crew from the Discovery Channel arrived at their home in Laurel, Maryland to perform a garage makeover.
Keith and Maura have four motorcycles, and their garage was not in the best of condition with motorcycles, tools as well as a storage area.
The construction crew disassembled the interior of the garage over an October weekend and finished on a Sunday night. The television crew filmed throughout the weekend and caught the entire sequence of events on tape.
Sunday night was the finale. Keith and Maura invited many of their Harley friends to attend a barbecue along with a country and western band. Keith’s parents also attended the festivities.
At 8 p.m., the crew unveiled the cover on the front of the garage, and everyone was amazed. They had completely rebuilt the interior of the garage, and of course, the motif was racing.
Maura and Keith were as surprised as all present because they were not allowed in the area of the garage during renovations.