New park located next to site of former Sassafras Cafe

Once again, the hotly debated area surrounding the former Sassafras Cafe was the topic of conversation last night at the Antis Township meeting.
Although this time there was no controversy and no crowds of upset residents or angry words. This time the Sassafras Cafe was mentioned merely to reference the location of a new park.
In front of a modest crowd, the Antis Township supervisors read a proclamation to dedicate the Oswald Memorial Park in memory of Charles and Martha Oswald. The park is located on Lower Skelp Road, between Bellwood and Tipton, right next to the former Sassafras Cafe.
The land was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Bernard D. Smith and many other contributions were made by area residents.
The small park houses a gazebo, which sits atop the hill. There is also a bench and a memorial stone in memory of the Oswalds.
Township Supervisor Ray Amato said of the park, “I hope everyone gets a chance to see it.”
Other topics discussed at the meeting include Parkview Estates phase three plans and water and road issues within the township.
Developers are ready for phase three of the Parkview Estates project, which translates into the addition of 25 new lots. Phase one and two saw the completion of 52 lots, with the additional 25 lots it brings the total to 77 lots within the development.
The development during phase three will continue on Park Forest Lane until it intersects with Sunrise Court. The new lots are anywhere from 9,300 square feet to one acre.
The fourth phase of the project, which is scheduled for the next year or two, will add 12 lots for a total of 89 lots within Parkview Estates.
Water and road conditions within the township were also discussed. Storm drains have been a topic brought up by residents at the last few township meetings. Some residents within the township are encountering problems with storm water drainage. Supervisors said they have been looking into the situation and continue to do so. Steps are being taken to send letters to affected residents and fill in ditches in an effort to remedy the situation.
Township residents may also begin to notice an improvement in local roads.
According to Amato, PennDOT has been “putting a lot of time and money into Antis Township. I’m glad we have a good relationship with them.”
Some changes PennDOT is making include adding new guiderails in areas and taking away unnecessary guiderails in other areas.
Supervisor Charles Taylor commented to the other supervisors and guests at the meeting regarding the use of ATVs and unlicensed motorcycles. Mr. Taylor wanted to voice his concern as the number of ATVs and motorcycles on state and township roads increase, especially Bell-Tip Road.
“And many of them are not wearing helmets,” Taylor said of the vehicles’ operators. He asked those in attendance to be aware of the situation and pass the message on to anyone who may know persons riding these vehicles on the roadways. According to Taylor, it’s an issue of safety.
“It’s not if someone will get hurt, but when,” Taylor explained.
Also during the meeting, Dr. Robert Walker commended Manager Jeff Ziegler on the new Antis Township website. Anyone interested can view the new site at