Tyrone working to revise 1899 shade tree ordinance

The Borough of Tyrone has decided to work on updating an ordinance which governs shade trees in the municipality.
The current ordinance dates back to 1899, according to code enforcement officer Thomas Lang. He brought his concerns before council and it agreed to have its solicitor Larry Clapper prepare a new ordinance.
Lang indicated there was a need to update the ordinance because of recent issues in the borough regarding trees as well as other factors.
He reported that due to recent heavy rains, a large tree located along the steep banks along South Lincoln Avenue between Morrison Street and Sixth Street had been uprooted and fallen across the road. Lang explained the tree fell across the phone and cable lines along the road and disrupted service to Washington Avenue residents.
Lang further noted root systems of the trees on the steep bank are becoming exposed due to erosion of the bank caused by heavy rains. He told council the most recent incident was the third tree to have fallen across South Lincoln Avenue during the last year.
He also said in his report, other trees in the area had grown so high and large the tops of them were protruding almost completely across South Lincoln Avenue.
Lang said there were other areas in the borough where street trees had become overgrown and were protruding across streets.
Lang proposed the idea of an updated ordinance since the one dating back more than a hundred years, allows for a maximum fine of $5 for trees protruding more than one-fourth of the width of the street from curb to curb.
Lang noted the area on South Lincoln Avenue does not have curbs.
Lang wanted council to consider the update because of the age, wording and small fine associated with a violation of the ordinance.