Ancient Gastronomic Order of Rattling Reptiles meeting held

On Saturday, July 31 in beautiful Spruce Creek Valley at Evergreen Farms covered bridge, King Rattler R. Wayne Harpster gave his annual Rattle, calling all fellow rattlers back to the den.
This was the 62nd meeting of the order. A total of 85 members and guests were present. Festivities began at noon for those wishing to fly fish, others arrived at 2 p.m.
Order was called at 4:30 p.m. for a group picture and pictures of those being inducted into the order. Next followed the pledge to the flag led by Rattler Jack Rawlings. President Abraham Harpster called fellow rattlers together at 5:30 p.m. and introduced “the Grand Imperial Rattler R. Wayne Harpster” who welcomed everyone. He also thanked those responsible for helping to prepare for the event. Rattler John Rice gave the invocation, followed by a delicious meal prepared by Hoags Catering of State College.
The meal consisted of turtle soup, trout, groundhog, corn on the cob, potato salad, baked beans and tomato salad. It was followed by toasting being rattlers by eating rattlesnake and washing it down with rum. With the evening meal over, the minutes of the 2003 annual meeting was read by Grand Rattling Secretary Richard Burley and approved as read. President Abe Harpster read the history of the organization starting with 1942 through to the present 2004, marking 62 years of consecutive meetings.
Resolutions of respect were read by Secretary Richard Burley and William Gilliland. Deceased members were Raymond W. Parks, Altoona and Dr. Albert W. Freeman of Shippensburg. Members then observed a moment of silence for departed members.
The speaker for the evening was William J. Howe of Alexandria, Pa., introduced by Rattler John Harpster. The title for the evening program was the History and Activities of the National Rifle Association. After this presentation, Secretary Richard Burley introduced the guests present at the dinner.
All members with 50 years or more memberships were introduced and recognized; they are as follows: Harry Felty of Duncansville, 50 years; J. Winston Harpster of Crystal River, Florida, 56 years; R. Wayne Harpster of Spruce Creek, 57 years; George Harvey of State College, 51 years; Dr. Samuel Lake of Lewistown, 53 years; Jeremiah Rohr of Shippensburg, 51 years and deceased member Raymond W. Parks of Altoona, 50 years.
Three new members were inducted into the order: Dr. Thomas Allfiero, Williamsport, sponsored by James Trostle; Michael Bergwager, Spruce Creek, sponsored by Christopher Lake and William B. Weibert, York, sponsored by grandfather William Gilliland.
Inductees were then turned over to initiation chairman John Harpster and President Abe Harpster. The pledge for the new members was led by J. Winston Harpster.
A good time was had by all, and the meeting was adjourned until the year 2005 by President Abe Harpster at 8:02 p.m.