Warriors Mark addresses construction code issues

Last week, Warriors Mark Township supervisor Stewart Neff said there was a moratorium from July 1 through July 6 on the issuing of permits in the township until issues regarding the new Uniform Construction Code could be addressed at the regular township meeting.
Those issues were handled at last night’s meeting through the adoption of an ordinance and two resolutions presented by solicitor Larry Clapper.
At its May meeting, the supervisors agreed to “opt in” to the state’s new construction code.
Most municipalities in the area have adopted or were expected to adopt ordinances to “opt in” to the new code. Municipalities had until this week to make their intentions known to the state. Most of the municipalities adopted ordinances with effective dates which instituted the new code prior to an August deadline imposed by the state for those choosing to “opt in.”
The particulars on how the new code will be enforced has varied from community to community, since legislation authorizing the code gives municipalities a number of options in terms of administering the code.
Warriors Mark Township does not employ a code enforcement officer, so it decided to let a third-party agency administer the code.
Clapper presented an ordinance which would authorize the township to join the Huntingdon County Council of Governments or COG. The supervisors passed the ordinance unanimously.
The COG consists of a number of municipalities which combined together to offer services to their members. The cost to Warriors Mark Township was $250 to join the COG along with a monthly service fee. Neff indicated members of the COG would share in any profit created by it.
Clapper then presented a resolution to allow the Huntingdon County COG to administer the construction code for the township through the use of a third party, Guardian Inspection Services. Fees for permits and inspections were negotiated between the COG and Guardian. The resolution passed unanimously.
Finally, Clapper presented a resolution which would authorize the COG to administer an appeals process for property owners through the use of a regional appeals board. Supervisors also passed that resolution.
It was noted the COG could also provide services outside the realm of the UCC if the township wanted to participate in them and pay any associated fees relative to those services.
Other services the COG could offer the township weren’t specified at the meeting.