Legal motions filed regarding former manager seek documents and answers from Tyrone Borough and council members

Late last week, legal motions were filed on behalf of former Tyrone borough manager Nathan George.
Those motions don’t give the specifics for a lawsuit according to Helen Eicher of the Blair County Prothonotary’s office.
She said a writ of summons was filed Friday afternoon. The writ simply puts parties on notice that a case has been started without needing to give specifics.
However, one of the other motions indicated George is seeking to prevent the altering or destruction of documents which were left on his desk on the last day he says he was at work at the municipal building. The motion also request it be heard expeditiously.
Eicher also said motions were filed requesting the parties named in the writ answer questions from George’s attorney. She provided no specifics about what questions George’s attorney is seeking answers for.
The borough, the mayor and individual members of council were all named in the writ of summons.
The action was taken two weeks after George was terminated with cause by the borough at a special meeting held on Friday, June 11. George had claimed he was fired in an executive session held on June 8 and escorted from the municipal building.
He believes the borough’s actions violated Sunshine Laws which prohibit official action during executive sessions. He also contended the borough violated its home rule charter by not allowing him to complete his duties and use the powers granted him under the charter and then retaliated against him by firing him.
Mayor Patricia Stoner said she had not seen the court documents as of this morning, but some members of council had seen the information. She said any comment about the legal filings are being referred to the borough’s solicitor Larry Clapper.