Joshua House moving forward with renovations to new building in Tyrone

Good news was delivered to Joshua House in the form of a permit this week.
Members of Joshua House can now begin work on its new building, which is the former Citizens Fire Hall.
According to director of Joshua House, Jim Kilmartin, extensive work will need to be completed to the building, including the addition of a new boiler house, a new fire escape, a new kitchen area and restrooms.
“We just received our permit to start working on the building,” said Kilmartin. “We could use help in every area with it.”
He said the work will probably take several months and that many supplies are needed such as paint and wood. He said volunteers are also needed to help with manual labor and cleaning.
Anyone who is willing to help with either labor or with the donation of supplies is asked to contact Kilmartin at Joshua House’s current location on 10th Street in Tyrone.
Joshua House was able to purchase the former Citizens Fire Hall in January. Kilmartin is expecting to move into the new location by September.
In other news, Kilmartin is taking a group of eight teens from Joshua House on a mission’s trip to Guatemala, scheduled for July 28- August 4.
Kilmartin said if anyone is interested in donating financially to make this trip possible, it would be appreciated.
“The teens are willing to work to raise support for the trip this summer. If people need jobs done around the house, please contact us,” added Kilmartin.
Also, a car wash is scheduled today from 10-4 p.m. at the parking lot of the former Citizens Fire Hall to help raise funds for Joshua House activities.
Kilmartin said this is the first planned trip to Guatemala, and the teens will be working in Guatemala City, which has a population of approximately two million people. The area they will be working in is among a very poor section of town, along with a church.
“We will be working with the teens and church leaders,” said Kilmartin. “We\’ll reach out to the little children as well.”
He added that one of the reasons for this trip was that one of his friends saw similarities between this city and Tyrone and thought Joshua House needed to bring young people from here to there.
Other trips are planned for this summer as well, including a beach trip, whitewater rafting and hiking, to name a few. Around Christmas, another mission’s trip is in the works to travel to Belize.
For more information, contact Kilmartin at 684-2032.