Extra day needed to paint Tyrone RR bridge

Paint Rite, Inc., and PENNDOT crews began work yesterday and continued today painting the old, rusty Tyrone railroad bridge on Tenth Street in Tyrone. The work will require an extra day due to preparation that was required to the bridge surface.
“We got into more prep, than we expected, involving scraping with wire brushes. We wanted it to be as clean as possible,” said Bob Panasiti, owner of Paint Rite, “and we ran out of paint, so I scrambled, and found more in Johnstown. They had the right color.”
PENNDOT crews, directing traffic into one lane from both directions, will return for more work again on Wednesday.
“PENNDOT has been great, and we’ve had no problems with traffic. Everyone has been very cooperative,” said Panasiti.
The rest of the bridge should be primed today, and the final coat, a high-gloss, hunter green will be applied tomorrow.
Panasiti has donated his company’s services for the project. All the paint was donated by the Sherwin-Williams Company in Altoona. Mike D’Angelo, marketing representative for the company, was able to supply the correct color needed to match the downtown Tyrone Streetscape, so that the bridge will blend in with the rest of the community.
So please beware, weather permitting, that the project, and the short traffic tie-ups will continue, at least through Wednesday evening.