Bellwood man pepper sprayed and jailed after threatening police

An unidentified 33-year-old Bellwood man was placed in the Blair County Jail on a parole detainer this morning following an encounter with the Bellwood Borough Police Department.
According to state police at Hollidaysburg, police were dispatched to the area of the intersection of state Route 865 and North 13th Street in Antis Township at about 1:30 a.m. today for a report of a vehicle driving through someone’s yard.
Police said Bellwood authorities were immediately notified and responded to the area.
Police said Bellwood Borough officers located the vehicle driving through a wooded area known as “the storage yards.”
Police blocked the exit with their patrol vehicles and yelled for the man to stop his car.
Police said when the man began to turn around to travel back into the storage yard, an officer began running toward the man’s vehicle requesting him to stop and exit the automobile.
As the unidentified driver began traveling toward SR 865, another Bellwood officer positioned his vehicle so the driver couldn’t escape; however, the driver then turned around and left in another direction.
The officer following the car on foot made note the man had pulled into a driveway, exited the vehicle and fled into a residence. Once he noticed officers in the area, he went onto his porch where he began yelling obscenities at the officer.
Police said they were instructing the man to lay down and put his hands behind his back, but the man didn’t obey.
He then went back into his home and refused to come out.
State police responded and were able to make contact with the man’s mother, who arrived on the scene to talk to the man.
Police said when she was able to convince him to come to a part of the home where officers could see him, authorities took advantage and attempted to handcuff the irate man.
He resisted arrest, causing officers to use pepper spray to subdue him. During the struggle, an officer suffered a knee injury.
Police said charges will be filed at a later date before District Magistrate Fred Miller in Tyrone.