Antis Township supervisors to advertise construction code

Antis Township supervisors agreed to authorize the advertising of the ordinance adopting the state’s new Uniform Construction Code at its meeting last Thursday.
Township manager Jeff Ziegler confirmed the board will vote on the ordnance on July 1 and if approved, it is scheduled to go into effect on July 6.
Mr. Richard Sutter, owner of Richard Sutter and Associates, as well as, his associate, Mr. Patrick Rabitz, development site designer, spoke on behalf of updating the “Comprehensive Development Plan.” The last update to the plan was in 1993.
Mr. Sutter stated that the new plan would use the 2000 Census data, including updates on subdivision and the land development ordinances. Sutter also offered his expertise to review and supply recommendations for subdivision and land development as requested. He also provided the board with a time line for the project. The board agreed that this was something that needed more consideration and it was accepted to be reviewed later.
During public comment, local residents requested that the supervisors take into consideration the paving of the heavy trafficked part of Pine Street in Tipton. Supervisors decided to delay this decision until further information could be presented.
Craig Soyster, assistant director of the Blair County Planning Commission, recommended that the cost of the addition of an elevator to Bell Mansion be allocated to support the construction of the project. He also proposed, on behalf of Blair Senior Services, the use of the maintenance fund. The overall cost expected for the elevator is $75,000.00 and Mr. Soyster reported there was $70,399.00 available for the project. His proposal included reallocating funds from the Brush Mountain Economic Development account which would be repaid after completion of the project.
Antis Township has been working on this project for three years. The Board agreed to accept bids for the elevator project during June and July of 2004. In addition, he requested funds be allocated from Blair Senior Services\’ Bell Mansion Maintenance Account for safety repairs. The Board approved $844.00 to add two fire extinguishers, replace lights and other minor repairs, as well as $120.00 to remove bees. The new occupancy permit was also issued.
There were no new reports from Ray Amato on the Antis Township Safety Committee meeting May 10 or the road report for May, nor from Charles Taylor, Ron Gensamer, or Robert Hornberger. Dr. Robert Walker however, had a request to go to an evening seminar on the environmental issues relating to land development. Although no one wanted to go with him, other board members agreed this would be a very valuable learning experience and want to have a report from him after his return.
The proposed ordinance for a revised mandatory connection ordinance for sewer connections is no longer being sought according to the township solicitor, Patrick Fanelli.
The board also received partial documentation from Balfurd Cleaners concerning its planned relocation to the Ardie J. Dillon Industrial Park to Tipton from State College. The supervisors agreed to a tentative start date for construction only if all pieces of information were sent to them to approve in a timely manner.
New business included the adoption of an Emergency Management Plan that was approved. Finally, the action on bills was approved by a roll call vote.