Tyrone Borough officials scratching their heads over remedy for community swimming pool

Tyrone Borough manager Nathan George has asked council to look into problems at the municipality’s community pool and its building.
George brought the issue to the attention of council earlier this week.
George explained the pool is due to open at the end of the month and noted numerous problems with it, including large cracks and leaks. He also indicated there were other repairs or renovations needed.
Last month, George met with water department superintendent Gary Barr and Phyllis Garhart, the borough’s director of administration, to discuss the history and future of the pool.
In his monthly report, George recommended only minimal repairs to be made since there is only a short period of time between now and the scheduled opening of the pool on May 29.
The minor repairs include cleaning, painting and the mending of a fence and other smaller maintenance. George also noted the bottom of the pool had not been repainted as in past years. He did instruct Barr to repaint black stripes at the pool.
George then brought to council’s attention problems with the roofing for both the concession stand and the pool’s bathhouse. He and Barr had conducted an on-site inspection on April 21. It was determined both the roofs have leak problems.
“It’s my opinion that the pool is in dire need of a complete renovation including the bathhouse,” George stated in his report.
He recommended to council it should authorize the replacement of the concession stand roof and repair the main roof. He also advised council it should continue to discuss the pool’s other problems and determine a course of action to make the changes and major repairs in time for the 2005 season.
George explained the borough has $200,000 in the general fund as well $111,817 in CDBG funds for a total of $311,817 to use for major renovations at the pool. However, there was some concern expressed during Monday’s meeting about using the CDBG funds for the pool repairs. Council took no action on the major repair issue other than to indicate it would work on the issue again later this year. It did move forward on the roofing problems.
Barr was asked to submit prices on both shingle and metal roofs for council members to consider at next week’s meeting.
“Mr. Barr and I were discussing the matter this morning and he informed me there is an interlocking shingle roof available and I told him to get pricing on all three types of roofing,” George told The Daily Herald on Wednesday.
“We will have the roofing and other minor repairs done by the time the season starts,” said George.
The borough is also is exploring the idea of having an outside organization operate its concession stands but made no decision on the issue. If it is unable to contract with an outside organization, the borough may chose the option of using vending machines.