Tyrone Borough explores police vehicle options

Tyrone Borough Council conducted a special meeting last night for the purposes of dealing with police department issues and further development of the implementation of the state’s new Uniform Construction Code.
The borough is considering the purchase of a new vehicle for the police department and both Chief Joe Beachem and borough manager Nathan George offered input regarding how council should proceed on the issue.
“I explained to council that it had been previously proposed to have an additional $20,000 budgeted for a fourth vehicle,” George told The Daily Herald.
He noted the new vehicle would not replace one of the current ones, but would be in addition to the other three.
“The chief explained what he thought the advantages would be to having a four-wheel drive for the department,” said George.
Two options were presented: the purchase of an Expedition through a state contract which the borough typically uses to purchase vehicles, or joining a council of governments to purchase a Ford Explorer.
George indicated council seemed to be “most interested” in the Explorer.
Solicitor Larry Clapper was directed to prepare a resolution for the purchase, although council did not make an actual decision about it, according to George.
He explained there are three options the borough uses when making purchases: using the state contract, going through a council of governments or using the bidding process.
“The chief recommended they consider purchasing the four-wheel drive through this council of governments,” said George.
In other business, council approved the appointment of five part-time police officers: Chris Moser, Gil Barton, David Skurnick, Andy Christ and Jason Hufhand.
In regard to the state’s new Uniform Construction Code, Clapper is preparing a resolution to appoint ICG of Altoona for plan review and inspection services. The document will be presented to council in June.
The borough is planning to use a combination of current code enforcement officer Thomas Land and ICG for services required under the new construction code.
Council also discussed the need for a new construction code appeals board.
“Two things were brought up, one to use a Tyrone-only appeals board and the other would be a regional appeals board,” explained George.
“Council has not made a decision either way. They want Tom (Lang) to go ahead and put an advertisement in the paper and get some names and then make a decision next time.”
The borough then would decide at the next meeting whether or not to go with a regional board or a Tyrone-only board at the next meeting, according to George.
Council approved an ordinance on May 10 to opt in to the new construction code. The new ordinance is effective July 1.