Reflection and Remembrance

As we look at this Memorial
We see etched on the wall
Thousands of sons and daughters
Whom friends and loved ones recall

So many names on the Wall
Surely strangers they must be
Until we understand
They are now one family

They are brothers and sisters
United by time and place
And we must never forget
That every name has a face

Each gave themselves
As they saw fit to give
Making the ultimate sacrifice
So others and freedom may live

Touch a name on the Wall
You will feel more than stone
There’s a sense of warmth and being
A knowing the are not alone
Marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen
All answering muster call
Presenting their common unit
In formation on the Wall

This brave warrior brigade
Of all races, colors, and creeds
Are here for us to honor
For their many heroic deeds

They may not see themselves as heroes
But from this side of the Wall
They are as we see them
All heroes standing tall

Though much has aged and changed
Those on the Wall appear
Just as they were years ago
In the photos we hold so dear

Now you look at the Wall
Reflect and remember as well
Be drawn in by your thoughts
But know that War is Hell