Antis Township cracking down on junked vehicles

Antis Township residents who have uninspected or unregistered vehicles parked at their residence may want to think about moving them out.
Recently, the township’s board of supervisors announced that township code enforcement officer Gordon Baier will begin strictly enforcing the ordinance prohibiting the exterior storage of and accumulation of all junked vehicles and large vehicle components in excess of 20 days on any roadway or on any private property within the township.
According to Jeffrey L. Ziegler, township manager, the decision to more strictly enforce the ordinance stems from an increase in the number of junked vehicles resting on private property, as well as the numerous complaints the township receives about the problem.
The strict enforcement will begin on July 1.
“There just seems to be more now than in the recent past,” said Ziegler. “We definitely want to do something about it.”
Ziegler said Baier will compile a list of all those in violation with the ordinance, and then, either by phone or written letter, contact the responsible party for removal. If, within a certain time limit, the enforcement officer’s requests aren’t met, a fine may be assessed.
The ordinance, which is not a new ordinance in the township, provides for penalties of up to $1,000 per violation for each day the violation continues.