Tyrone school board approves physical plant expenses

The Tyrone Area School Board approved several physical plant expenses during last week’s regular meeting.
Among the items approved was the awarding of janitorial bids for the 2004-05 school year in the total amount of $49,657.16. The board also approved the awarding of a general/art requisition bid to Kurtz brothers in the amount of $44,775.23. In addition, the board approved the 2004-05 copy paper bid to Unsource in the amount of $15,531.60.
“Seven or eight companies bid on the janitorial items and usually it’s disbursed pretty evenly through each one being a low bidder on one product or another,” said Tom Muir, the district’s plant manager. “In some cases the bid goes to an alternate bidder because we were satisfied with that product or we still have some of it on hand.”
The board also approved the purchase of four vehicles through the Central Westmoreland Council of Governments Cooperative Purchasing Contract. The purchases include:
•2004 Ford Taurus SE four-door sedan, $14,165;
•2004 Chevy Astro seven passenger AWD van, $20,900;
•2004 Chevy Express eight passenger 1500 van, $16,600; and a
•2004 Chevy Express 10 passenger 3500 van, $21,150.
The contract also calls for the purchase of special equipment on the Ford Taurus to include a passenger side brake at a cost of $850. The vehicle is expected to be used a part of the district’s driver education program. The total cost of the contract is $73,665.
“Our current driver’s education vehicle has in excess or 75,000 miles,” Muir told The Daily Herald. “That’s considered high mileage for a driver’s ed vehicle.
Muir explained there was a two-fold reason for the new van purchases.
“A couple of the vans we use for the cafeteria were at end of their life maintenance wise,” said Muir. “To repair them would be a major cost to the district. One had a transmission replaced and it needed another one.”
Muir also detailed one other reason for the new vans due to an increasing demand because of expansion in the types of programs and activities where the district has involvement.
“We’re involved in so many things, boys’ and girls’ athletics, field trips, vo-tech, student work programs among others,” explained Muir. “We also have transportation needs involving home school visitors and staff, alternative education programs, community service and driver education needs.”
The board also agreed to enter into an agreement with Hayes Large Architect for the addition of a 24-foot by 40-foot cement block building to the existing storage building located behind the swimming pool.
The estimated cost of the project is $22,000 for the building which will be used as a vehicle garage. Architectural costs are estimated at $4,300 for the project.
“With the purchase of the vehicles, the district will need a place to house them,” said Muir. “The garage will provide protection against vandalism. That’s the main reason, if you leave them out in the open they are subject to vandalism. Of course, they are also ready to go when people need them since they’re protected from the weather.”
The physical plant improvements and purchases are all part of next year’s 2004-05 school district budget.