Snyder Township to request release of CDBG funds for the Cook Hollow sewer extension

By the end of April, Snyder Township supervisors will request that the Department of Community and Economic Development release Community Development Block Grant funds for the Cook Hollow sanitary sewer collection system extension.
The purpose of the extension project is to eliminate the malfunctioning septic systems and contamination of wells and springs in the Cook Hollow area.
During the project, a sewer collection and conveyance system with varied sizes of pressure sewer lines and grinder pumps will be constructed.
The CDBG funds will be used toward the required grinder pumps and appurtenances.
“It’s polluting the ground water, and those people are on wells,” explained supervisor Charlie Diehl about the situation of the current septic systems. “This will clean up the ground water and be a lot healthier an environment.”
He added that the current malfunctioning septic systems are polluting the little Juniata River, and the Department of Environmental Protection and the Fish and Boat Commission have urged Snyder Township to solve the problem.
According to Diehl, approximately 30 homes will be helped with the sewage extension project.
Snyder Township had an environmental review process for the project, and supervisors have also determined the project will have no significant or adverse impact on the human environment. Also, they have determined the project will be designed in accordance with state regulations.
Any person wishing to comment on the project may submit written comments to the Snyder Township supervisors, and all comments must be received by April 20.
Supervisors are also discussing extending public sewage to Thomastown. Supervisors authorized the EADS Group to take aerial photographs of the area to determine the problems with on-lot septic systems in Thomastown. The extension could lead to public sewer lines to approximately 15 homes in the area.