Recent council actions involve both the borough and Tyrone Area School District

Tyrone Borough Council took several actions at its meeting last week including two decisions which involve the Tyrone Area School District.
In January, superintendent Dr. William Miller approached Nathan George, Tyrone’s borough manager, about entering into a contract with the borough police department for services during football games at Gray Field.
In his monthly report to council, George indicated he reviewed the request with solicitor Larry Clapper and other borough officials including Joseph Beachem, chief of police and Phyllis Garhart, director of administration.
The contract is set up for the school district to pay the borough $40 an hour per police officer which will cover all costs involved. The agreement is designed solely for Gray Field which is located in the borough. George explained the district had signed the agreement and he indicated the terms of the contract meet requests made by borough officials.
George advised council the agreement would be beneficial to the borough, the district and the community as a whole.
“I think it’s a very good idea,” George told The Daily Herald.
He explained to council, unde the agreement, the district would be better able to provide better safety and protection during the football games and at the same time, the borough would be able to offer additional hours to its police officers. The borough manager also noted the community would be provided with added safety.
George concluded the agreement would help maintain a good working relationship with the district. He requested council to authorize Mayor Patricia Stoner to sign the agreement. The request, in the form of a motion, was revised to have the appropriate borough official sign the document since the mayor was not at last week’s meeting and there was no estimate of when she would return to her duties. Since the agreement deals with the upcoming football season which is still months away, council decided the signature on the document wasn’t immediately necessary.
George was asked about the mayor’s status regarding tonight’s meeting during a brief phone interview this morning.
“I really can’t comment on the mayor’s (health) status but she is not expected to be at tonight’s meeting,” said George.
Last week, council also moved forward with another issue regarding the school district.
The Schell Run agreement was presented to council for it to approve having the agreement signed. In this case, J.R. Watson, council vice president, was designated to sign the papers in the mayor’s absence since immediate action was required since work on the project is expected to start in June.
“The agenda for the project is moving forward,” said George. “There is a very short window for the work to be completed during a three week period in June.”
The borough and the district have been in negotiations for months regarding the Schell Run project and ultimately decided to share the costs of the improvements to the area which has been subject to erosion problems. The school district wanted the project to be completed in June after the end of the school year to allow it to move forward with its own improvements to the school’s track which is located in the area.
In other business council took the following actions:
•approved $300 contributions each to the Tyrone VFW Teener and Legion Baseball programs;
•approved the use of Reservoir Park for the annual Fish Rodeo on April 17 from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.
•approved the acceptance of a bid for turbidimeters and accessories from HACH company in the amount of $18,410.
•approved two requests for the use of the City Hotel Park; a May 6 event was approved for use by Reverend Peggy Bonsell in conjunction with the National Day of Prayer. Council also approved the use of the park for Emmanuel Baptist Church for a concert at 7 p.m. on June 6.
•approved the installation of caller id equipment for the police department at a cost of $600.