Northern Blair County shows high voter turnout for Primary Election 2004

In the 2002 primary, 26.4 percent of registered voters in Blair County cast their ballots. In the 2000 presidential primary, only 19 percent of county voters made their way to the polls.
Yesterday, voters showed up early and often, and after everything was in, officials learned that more than 38-percent of county residents eligible to vote, did.
“It was definitely higher than expected,” said Shirley Crowl, director of elections. “I think there were a couple reasons why, namely the important local races, and of course, the good weather.”
In all, there were 75,799 registered voters in Blair County. Republicans counted for 43,286 of these voters, 24,757 Democrats were registered and there were 6,253 registered as non-partisans.
Of these 75,799 voters, 28,938 showed up to the polls to vote.
The following is a breakdown of how many voters turned out here in northern Blair County.
Tyrone Borough is broken down into seven precincts. In total, there were 3,107 registered voters for the primary election. Of these, 1,273, or 40.97 percent cast ballots yesterday.
In Bellwood Borough, 1,125 residents registered to vote and 500 cast their ballots for a 44.44 turnout percentage.
Three separate districts make up Antis Township. In total, the township has 3,908 registered voters and 43.93, or 1,717, cast ballots yesterday.
In Snyder Township, 1,930 residents were eligible to vote in the 2004 primary. Of these, 715 cast ballots, or 37.04 percent.
In Tyrone Township, 491 of the 1,119 (43.87 percent) registered voters cast ballots.
As a whole, there were 11,199 registered northern Blair County voters eligible to cast ballots yesterday, and of those, 4,696 (41.93 percent) showed up at the polls to vote.