Early Easter in northern Blair County

When Bruce and Janet Emigh of Tyrone began an Easter egg hunt for their grandchildren nearly 30 years ago, nobody ever imagined it would become a family tradition.
However, every year the Emigh family has come together to watch the children of the family search for hidden Easter eggs throughout the yard. Through all of those years, the family has grown, and those searching for the eggs have become grandchildren joined by great-grandchildren.
“We didn’t realize what a big occasion it was until it kept going and turned into a family tradition,” said Rick Emigh, the son of Bruce and Janet.
Rick said the Easter egg hunt for the children was all his dad’s idea. He said his father wanted to do something special for the children in the family and that his dad enjoyed watching the kids every Easter until he passed away in 1987.
“My husband said ‘I’m going to start an Easter egg hunt for the grandchildren,’ and we just kept it going,” added Janet. “The kids are so cute running around in the yard. They just love it.”
Rick explained that his mother is the one responsible for continuing the Easter egg hunt, and added, “What’s kept it going is her health, and she’s a strong woman.”
As many as 20 kids have participated in the Easter egg hunt at one time. The plastic eggs are hidden throughout the front yard, and some of the eggs are filled with candy, while others are filled with money.
It takes about 15 minutes for the kids to search for and find the approximately 150 eggs that Janet and Rick’s sister, Pam, prepare beforehand.
After the Easter egg hunt is finished, the whole family joins together for a home cooked meal.
“With everybody’s busy schedule, it’s nice to take some time apart to be with the people that mean something in your life,” explained Rick of the real importance of the family tradition.
Janet added that the participation in the Easter egg hunt is tapering down because the children are getting older.
However, she will continue the Easter egg hunt for as long as the kids still enjoy it.
Easter was also being celebrated at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Tyrone Saturday when more than 50 children and their parents and grandparents attended with their Easter spirit. From an egg hunt to brunch to a visit with the Easter Bunny, a good time was had by all.