Warriors Mark changes abound in early 2004

The first quarter of the year has brought a number of changes to government in Warriors Mark Township as well as a look toward future change in the coming months and years.
Last November, Rodney Marshall was elected to a position of township supervisor and took his position in early January. Marshall replaced supervisor William Hoover, who had been in the position for the last 12 years.
“I think Mr. Marshall is very resourceful,” said Stewart Neff, the chairman of the Warriors Mark Board of Supervisors. “He’s taken a real interest in the position and I think he has caught up to speed quickly.
“Mr. Marshall was on the township planning commission just prior to coming onto the board of supervisors,” Neff told The Daily Herald. “I think he’s pretty well already aware of the issues concerning development. I also think he’s been aided by the fact his late father served on the board of supervisors previously.”
Neff also noted the overall push towards change in the township in addition to the changes in those in charge of running it.
“I think with increased growth more and more development issues are going to move up on the agenda in the township. One example is the Act 537 plan we been asked to look into by DEP,” said Neff. “I think its a legitimate request and concern on their part and we are going to address it.”
Legally, all municipalities are required by the state Department of Environmental Protection to have an Act 537 plan in place to deal with wastewater issues. Warriors Mark is now being asked to update a plan first put in place in the early 1990s.
In regard to other personnel changes, the township’s planning commission has undergone a make over in the last couple of months, including the January resignation of Jane Branstetter as planning commission chairperson. Paul Smith has taken her place as head of the planning commission.
Branstetter has left the board along with member Ken Brockett. Their positions were taken by George Lauck and Keith Nelson. The Warriors Mark supervisors approved the new appointees at a special meeting held on Feb. 14.
Annette Fry was also appointed as the township’s tax collector at the special meeting in February. Fry submitted her resignation as a township auditor since she can not hold both positions. She originally indicated her resignation from the auditor’s position would be effective April 1 according to a letter she submitted to the supervisors.
However, at the March meeting, supervisors decided to accept her resignation immediately and appointed Charles O’Rouke to the position.
Supervisors also appointed Elmer Nearhoof to another one-year term to the township’s vacancy board.
One other issue being given some consideration is the possibility of finding space for township officials to conduct its business. Currently, the supervisors meet at the Warriors Mark-Franklin Fire Hall on the first Tuesday of the month. However, Neff has indicated the township has a lack of office space with the supervisors meeting at the fire hall. Other matters taken care of by township employees through resources such as the use of one of the supervisor’s phone and the township secretary using part of her home for township business.
The supervisors were approached at the March meeting about the possibility of joining forces with the township’s senior center which is in need of a facility. Right now, the group also meets at the fire hall since its former meeting place, the Warriors Mark Grange building fell into dilapidation.
Maureen Safko who serves as a grant administrator for Huntingdon County attended the March supervisors meeting and indicated grant money in the from CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) funding was available for the possible purchase of a building which could be shared by both the township and the seniors.
The matter had previously been discussed and one option noted by Safko earlier this month included construction of a building at the former elementary school in the township.