Tyrone Merchants Association asking area residents for slogan ideas

Did you ever watch a commercial on TV or look at an advertisement in the newspaper and think to yourself that you could come up with a better catch phrase or slogan than the advertisers themselves? Well, now is your chance to do just that.
The Tyrone Merchants Association has initiated a slogan contest in which individuals can submit their slogan ideas to the group.
The winning slogan will receive a Tyrone Area Chamber of Commerce gift certificate, but more importantly will also win the bragging rights of coming up with the idea for the new slogan of the Tyrone Merchants Association.
“We will be further discussing the slogan contest this coming week at our monthly meeting,” said Association member Ray Liddick. “At that time we will finalize the logistics for this contest (to) take place.
“We have already made the decision that we would like to open this contest up to anyone that would like to submit their slogan idea, and that the forms will be available to be picked up at participating area merchants around town.”
Liddick also added that a logo idea for the Tyrone Merchants Association is still in the planning stages and will be unveiled at a later date.
“We plan on running with the slogan for a good period of time,” said Liddick of the one that is ultimately chosen. “Ideally, if we have a great one, it could be utilized for a long time in our advertising and promotional efforts.”
For those interested in entering the contest, keep in mind the main purpose of the Tyrone Merchants Association. It could be helpful in coming up with the perfect slogan idea.
“The main purpose of the Tyrone Merchants Association is to promote public awareness for the various businesses we have here in town and what they all have to offer,” said Liddick.
The goal for members of the Tyrone Merchants Association is to join together in various advertising and promotional efforts to spread the word about businesses in the area.
“Ideally, we are trying to reach the local residents, but also aim to attract attention from out-of-town shoppers as well,” added Liddick.
The Tyrone Merchants Association meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. at Joybeans Cafe on Tenth Street.
According to Liddick, any merchant in Tyrone and the surrounding areas is invited to participate. The group is currently in the planning stages for upcoming events, and so additional ideas from area merchants would be helpful.
One of the purposes of the slogan contest is to establish the Tyrone Merchants Association as a driving economic force in the area.
“Ideally, our goal is to establish the Tyrone Merchants Association, whom they are and what they offer the residents and shoppers of Tyrone,” said Liddick.
“In addition, we would really like to get the community involved in this contest. Sure, we could have a round table discussion and come up with our own slogans but thought it would be great to allow those within the community the opportunity to assist us in this process.”