Tyrone Area YMCA kicks off annual fund drive

The Tyrone Area YMCA is currently conducting its annual fund drive. Community members are asked to respond generously when contacted by a campaign volunteer.
There are a variety of programs offered by the Tyrone Area YMCA such as gymnastics, swimming, basketball and preschool. In the basketball program alone, there are more than 100 kids involved.
The background on the YMCA began when a meeting was held November 25, 1870 when a group of prominent citizens met to discuss ways and means of providing a town recreation center.
The Tyrone YMCA has been operating from its current location on Logan Avenue since 1914. The cost of labor, construction and equipment for the building totaled $119,000. A dollar went a lot further in 1914.
During the great flood of 1936, the YMCA was turned over to the Red Cross for use as disaster relief headquarters.
The Red Cross dispensed food, clothing, and bedding from the YMCA building for several weeks after the disaster.
Help the YMCA celebrate 134 years of building strong communities in Tyrone and the surrounding area. The Tyrone YMCA, building strong kids, strong families, strong communities.