Grace Baptist invites the public to 40 Days of Purpose campaign

Have you ever asked yourself or others the questions of life: “Who am I?”, “Where did I come from?”, “What am I doing here?”, or “Where am I going?”
Life certainly is a mystery, and a sense of purposelessness has gripped many at one time or another. Some may have heard of the “Forty Days of Purpose National Campaign” and wanted to participate in such a campaign or read Rick Warren\’s best-selling book, The Purpose Driven Life, What on Earth am I here For? and longed to live a life of understanding and purpose. Well, now is the time.
Individuals or families from the Tyrone area community are invited to join in a life changing spiritual growth journey this spring. The most important question of life: “What on earth am I here for?” will be convincingly answered from the Bible in six weekly studies. The Campaign begins Sunday, April 26 and goes through Sunday, June 5.
This campaign is centered around The No. 1 New York Times Bestseller book by author Rick Warren titled, The Purpose Driven Life, What on Earth am I here For?
The Grace Baptist Congregation of Tyrone is organizing and will serve as a host provider of the Spring 2004, \”Forty Days of Purpose\” National Campaign for the immediate area.
A brunch fellowship and worship service is planned at the T.A.H.S. cafeteria on March 26 at 10 a.m. The purpose of this meeting is to provide information and to organize the \”small groups\” aspect of the Campaign; also to explain the details of the teen and children\’s campaign.
The small groups will meet in host homes throughout the Tyrone area during one evening each week during the Campaign dates of April 26 – June 5. Homes will be provided to accommodate small children, even babies for the younger family who would enjoy such a study.
If community guests who have interest or questions can come to this meeting at the high school, it would be very beneficial. For several reasons it would be helpful to call ahead to inform the church planning committee if attending the brunch.
This spiritual growth journey promises to bring positive life changes to the individual’s heart in all areas of one\’s life as participants discover together, \”What on earth am I doing here?”
It would also help the planning committee to organize in a dozen ways, and to have sufficient books on hand for each participant if individuals would call ahead to register for the campaign or come to the brunch service on March 26 at 10 a.m. at the high school cafeteria.
For more information or to register, call the church at 684-5016; Dave Grazier, campaign director, at 684 7888 or Don Kobak, communications director, at 742-8481.