Former Star Search runner-up and youth singing sensation Vanessa Campagna to return

There are quite a few memories twisting around in the minds of those who attended any of the past three fundraising concerts for the Tyrone-Snyder Public Library’s new building project.
Some people remember Jimmy Beaumont rocking the stage with the Skyliners’, while others will remember the do-wop sounds of The Marcels. Still some may remember a young, cute face that could really belt out the notes.
Well, Vanessa Campagna is back and she’s as ready as ever to perform in front of the northern Blair County folk at the April 17 concert featuring The Vogues, Campagna and comedian/musician Robbie Wise.
Campagna was last year’s runner-up on the CBS series Star Search and in April, will be making her third appearance in Tyrone in the last year.
“We’re really excited that she’s coming back,” said library board Vice-president Chuck Banas, who organizes the concert fundraisers. “I just talked with her father Frank and he said they are totally booked through September. Her career is really taking off.”
Since her appearance on Star Search, Campagna, who will turn 11-years-old on Monday, has used her vocal talents at sporting events, solo appearances and most recently, opened for headline acts Wynona Judd and Vince Gill.
Banas said Vanessa will bring a little bit of everything to the show, as well as some “new stuff.”
“She’s really an exciting little girl to be around,” said Banas. “Her personality is like a magnet.”
Following Campagna’s performance last year, Banas said numerous requests were made by those attending to have her back again. She agreed, and just a few weekends ago, took some time to entertain more than four dozens residents and guests at Tyrone Colonial Courtyard.
Headlining the concert will be 1960s sensations The Vogues, and comedian/musician Robbie Wise.
“Something different this year is that there will be no flash photography,” said Banas. “A lot of people said it was annoying during the show, so we’re going to cut that out.”
Banas said there will be photo opportunities available during intermissions of the show. He said those attending can talk with the performers and ask for autographs.
Tickets for the April 17 show are on sale for $25 each and are available throughout northern Blair County at selected retail outlets, any library board member or by calling 1-888-868-3108.
When the concert was announced, library board officials figured if 700 tickets were sold, enough revenue would be created to cover the costs of mortgage payments for one year. Yesterday, Banas said they were 35 tickets short of the goal.
The revenue for any additional ticket sold over the 700 mark would be applied to the library’s general operating budget. Banas said this is important because state cuts in funding could have drastic effects on local, small-town libraries.