Police bust second Blair County meth laboratory in two months

Just about a month ago to the day, police stormed a trailer on Bell Tip Road in Antis Township and inside found a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory. After the arrests were made, police noted that meth labs in Blair County were on the increase.
Yesterday, police stormed another residence, this time on Hudson Avenue in Altoona, and once again, found an illegal laboratory used to produce the dangerous narcotic.
According to a report from the state police at Hollidaysburg, the vice unit and the Altoona City Police Department received information about the residence. Working together, information was gained to support a search warrant.
During the investigation, authorities learned of the possibility of booby traps and dangerous weapons at the residence. A Special Emergency Response Team and a state police Clandestine Lab Response Team responded to the scene and dismantled the operation.
Four adult individuals were within the residence, with a two-year-old child. Chemicals located within the residence were indicative of a “Red P” (red phosphorous extraction) meth lab. The chemicals and other evidence were removed and further analysis by a state police forensic chemist is scheduled.
Also in the residence were seven guns, including five that were para-military, fully loaded with numerous load “banana” clips and drum magazines.
The owner of the residence, 26-year-old John J. Wolf Jr. was arrested on a prior warrant issued out of Centre County for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Charges will be filed pending analysis of the seized chemicals.
This is the second meth lab discovered by Hollidaysburg state police since the Antis Township bust on Jan. 10.
Then, police responded to a domestic dispute at the residence at about 5:30 p.m.
While on the scene, police said Agent Randy Feathers recognized items within the residence that are used in the making of methamphetamine in a clandestine lab.
Police made the proper notifications and a short while later, members of the PSP Troop G Vice Unit and Clandestine Laboratory Response Team arrived for an initial assessment. The scene was then evacuated and secured.
Upon entry into the scene, the CLRT determined that items and chemicals inside were consistent with that of methamphetamine production. The scene was treated as a hazardous waste site and items were taken away from the scene.
Methamphetamine is a Schedule II controlled substance. It is a central nervous system stimulant and can be hazardous either in the production or use. During production, various chemicals (solvents or acids) are utilized that are either highly flammable, cancer causing or are directly hazardous to health due to inhaling the vapors or coming in contact with the chemicals.