Tyrone BiLo to participate in Baby Club Rewards Program

The Tyrone BiLo is scheduled to participate in the BiLo/Riverside Baby Club Rewards Program geared to help families with young children save money at the grocery store.
BiLo/Riverside shoppers can start earning “Baby Bucks” on February 1, 2004.
Through the BiLo/Riverside Baby Club Rewards Program, shoppers will receive a $10 gift certificate good on anything in the store for every $150 they spend on baby products.
“The BiLo/Riverside Baby Club Rewards Program gives a break to families with young children by rewarding them for shopping at BiLo/Riverside,” said director of consumer and public affairs for the Penn Traffic Company, Mary Anne Hankins, “and the Baby Club makes it easy for BiLo/Riverside shoppers to save money, because their participation in the program begins the first time they buy a baby product using the Wild Card.”
Customers start participating in the Baby Club Rewards Program when they purchase an eligible baby product anywhere in the store. BiLo/Riverside offers more than 1,500 baby products throughout the store.
For every dollar customers spend on eligible baby products using the Wild Card, they receive an equal number of Baby Bucks printed at the checkout register. BiLo will provide free folders for customers to collect their Baby Bucks.
When customers accumulate $150 in Baby Bucks, they may cash them in for a $10 gift certificate good on any product in any BiLo/Riverside supermarket.
“The BiLo/Riverside Baby Club Rewards Program enables us to more effectively address the needs of growing families,” said Hankins. “Rewarding our customers through the Baby Club is one of the ways we’re delivering on our promise of working harder to save shoppers more and serve them better.”
The Tyrone BiLo joins the 150 supermarkets the Penn Traffic Company operates in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont and New Hampshire.