Sinking Valley Grangers award individuals at monthly meeting

At a regular meeting held on Thursday, November 20, members of the Sinking Valley Grange honored three individuals by presenting the 75 year membership award, Granger of the Year award and the Community Citizen award.
Evelyn Kephart, age 92, was the recipient of the 75 year membership award from the state and national Granges. She is the first member to get this award in the Sinking Valley Grange.
Kephart joined the Grange with her sister at North Woodbury in 1928. She met her husband, Henry, now deceased, at a Grange meeting in 1937.
She and her husband moved to Sinking Valley and lived on a farm until approximately seven years ago. They have two children and many grandchildren.
Kephart has earned all seven degrees of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry in the Grange. For many years, she held offices of lady assistant steward, floral, lecturer and chaplain.
Over the years, Kephart has been an active Granger by participating in Grange activities.
According to current Grange lecturer Elizabeth Deihl, “Even though she doesn’t attend meetings, her dedication has been remarkable. Our Grangers wish her well.”
The second award recipient was Margie Vipond, who received the Granger of the Year Award. She holds the office of overseer.
Vipond joined the Grange in 1987, along with her late husband, Jack. They were married for 47 years and have four children.
Vipond shows involvement with Grange activities by aiding in women’s activities and making crafts.
According to Deihl, “We are pleased to honor Margie as our Granger of the Year for her dedication and work in the Grange.”
The third honor was the Community Citizen Award, given to Mary Lou Parshall. Each year, the lecturer’s committee votes for a person who is dedicated and shows loyalty towards Grange activities.
According to Deihl, Parshall’s community involvement is commendable in the Bellwood area. At the Bellwood Farm Show, she helps the judges each year. For the Sinking Valley Grange, Parshall is active in helping with the family activities with crafts and packing personal care bags.
Parshall is originally from Oklahoma and now lives in Bellwood with her husband, Ron. She belongs to two motorcycle clubs, and her hobbies include making crafts, cooking, going to sprint car races and county fairs.
“Even though she is not a Granger, she continues to help with crafts. We agree she is a special person for doing this,” said Deihl.
Also at the meeting, members enjoyed a turkey dinner and covered dish meal. Door prizes were won by Grace Lepperd, Kim Pellas and Gertie Beichler.
The meeting closed with a Thanksgiving prayer, read by Ruth Kirkum. The next meeting for the Sinking Valley Grange will be a Christmas party scheduled for Thursday, December 18 at 7:30 p.m.