Diehl edges Bickle in Snyder Township Supervisor race

In a close race, Republican Charles A. Diehl nipped Democrat Joy A. Bickle in the Snyder Township Supervisors’ race.
The votes broke down this way: Diehl received 124 votes in Snyder District One; Bickle had 119 votes. In Snyder District two, Diehl had 176 votes to 169 for Bickle.
The combined total for the two districts gave Charles Diehl a 12 vote edge, 300 to 288 for Joy Bickle. The unofficial tally gives Diehl a six-year-term on the Snyder Township Supervisors.
In the Tyrone Area School District race, the top vote getter in Snyder Township’s two districts was Norman Huff who garnered 498 votes, followed by Peter Dutrow, Raymond Detwiler, Luther Laird and Lee R. Stover. Those same five won election district wide and thus will hold positions on the school board when it is reorganized in December.
The order of finish district-wide, vote totals were as follows: Huff, 1,587 votes then Dutrow; 1,473 votes followed by Laird with 1,358 votes. Lee Stover had 1,253 votes and the fifth and final spot went to Raymond Detwiler with 1,225 votes. Detwiler received more 237 votes more than the sixth place finisher Becky Emenhiser.
“I’m pleased, happy and overjoyed with the results”, said Raymond Detwiler when he stopped by the Daily Herald offices to comment of the outcome of the school district race.
It was Detwiler’s third try and he said: “I didn’t go into this with any negativity, I was alarmed with the performance of my children in the school system and even in college.
“There’s a need for a change, I’m not an individual that knows everything about a problem, but I’m willing to work with others.”
Detwiler went on to thank those who voted for him and indicated he’d be willing to work with all those concerned about the well being of the Tyrone Area School District.
The Snyder Township votes in the county commissioners race mirrored results from neighboring Tyrone. Barry Wright was the county’s top vote getter, but in Snyder Township he finished second to John H. Eichelberger, Jr. Democrat Donna Gority finished third in both Snyder Township and county-wide.