DelGrosso camp confirms move to Tipton

While former Shuster Congressional aide Joshua Juda remains quiet, new information has surfaced verifying that candidate Michael DelGrosso and his wife moved into their Tipton neighborhood in February of this year.
“I saw the moving trucks myself,” said Justin Myer, spokesperson for DelGrosso for Congress. “They did not keep their house in Washington, D.C. and DelGrosso’s wife, Sherry, is here and travels with her job from hospital to hospital making presentations to nursing managers.”
In Juda’s initial press release, he stated he was instructed on two separate days in September to go down and watch DelGrosso’s house because the Shuster campaign believed that DelGrosso was not living there. Congressmen Bill Shuster denied the allegations during a press conference held last Friday in Breezewood. Shuster told media representatives that at no time was Juda instructed to spy and lie about it.
In a October 17, 2003 letter to the editor, residents of the Tipton neighborhood indicated that on two occasions, Sept. 11 and 12, 2003, that several neighbors noticed a young man in a red Volkswagen Jetta lurking in their development. Residents at that point called the State Police in Hollidaysburg and gave a description of the vehicle and its driver. That person ended up being Joshua Juda.
The DelGrosso camp also told The Daily Herald this morning that at no time has it ever talked to Joshua Juda.
“We’ve never met him, talked to him, or emailed with him at any time,” said Myers.
State Police Sergeant Timothy Mercer, the officer in charge of the alleged spying incident states that no one from Congressmen’s Shuster’s office has contacted state police regarding the incident. Shuster says he plans to meet with House Ethics Committee members to discuss the situation and ask for a review of office policies. As of yesterday, no meeting has been scheduled.
The alleged surveillance began on June 6, 2003 at a fundraiser held at DelGrosso Park. Juda has indicated that Shuster wanted to know if anyone was changing sides and that he passed the names over his cellphone to Shuster aide Amy Hanna.
Also, according to Juda, he planned to stake out a fundraising reception held at the Tipton home of Wally Rossi, a local real estate agent.
“I did have a fundraiser for Michael at my home and 40 people attended,” Rossi told The Daily Herald this morning.
Rossi is not aware of any stakeout activities at his home, but called the allegation “disturbing.”
Calls to Congressional aide Amy Hanna, who runs the Hollidaysburg office, for Congressmen Shuster, were not returned this morning.