Bellwood-Antis authorizes use of capital funds to meet cash flow needs

As the state continues to work through the state budget problem, educational institutions are looking to alternatives measures to meet cash flow needs.
On Tuesday, the Bellwood-Antis School District Board of Directors unanimously authorized the use of $1.5 million in capital reserve funds to meet the cash flow needs in the general fund until the state subsidies are received.
According to district superintendent Brian Toth, cash flow in the general fund is sufficient through November. He said this authorization will provide cash flow from December until mid-February.
At that time, without state subsidies, the district will have exhausted all internal cash flow resources.
District business manager Ken Swanson said this has not affected the cafeteria as state and federal subsidies were approved in the state budget under a different category.
On Nov. 14, the Tyrone Area School Board of Directors authorized a $2 million loan from the Capital Reserve Fund to the General Fund to meet the bonding payment and the payroll.
In other district business, B-A board members:
•approved the School Leaders Errors and Omission Insurance in the amount of $9,267. This is an increase of $240 over last year’s premium of $9,027;
•approved Susan Nelson-Zong as advisor for the Library Club at a stipend of $326.05 for the 2003-04 school year;
•approved Deborah Knarr as permanent bus driver for the D4 run (five hours per day) effective Nov. 5, 2003 at a rate of $10.25 per hour;
•approved the following substitute teachers for the 2003-04 school year: Leah Wisor, certification is ART K-12, her file is complete; and Rhonda Winesickle, certification is elementary education, her file is complete;
•accepted the following resignations: Richard Bower, student congress advisor; John Hammond, head softball coach; and Craig Dutrow, assistant varsity wrestling coach;
•approved the following volunteers: Rhonda Gensamer, elementary girls’ basketball; and James Merlo, varsity girls’ basketball;
•approved Dan Himes as assistant varsity wrestling coach for the 2003-04 season at a stipend of $1,964.23;
•approved “unpaid” personal necessity leave for LuAnn Shoop for approximately 12 additional days for medical reasons. Shoop is tentatively able to return to work on Jan. 5, 2004 as per her doctor’s instructions;
•learned Diane Johnson and Richard Bower attended the 16th annual Pennsylvania Speech and Debate Association Conference at the Atherton Hotel in State College on Oct. 10 and 11;
•learned Sara Weamer and Richard Tate attended the Shakespeare-in-Schools Workshop at the University of Pittsburgh on Oct. 14, 2003;
•learned Judy Dorezas attended the High School Summit on Alcohol Abuse at St. Francis University on Monday, Oct. 20, 2003;
•learned Mike Sakash attended the Character Education Partnership National Conference in Arlington, Va. on Oct. 16-18, 2003;
•learned Kristeen Kissell, Judy Dorezas and students participated in the summit at Saint Francis University on Oct. 20, 2003 on Alcohol Awareness in High Schools;
•learned Sue Estep attended a workshop “Getting Through To Difficult Kids and Parents” and “Uncommon Sense for the Child Professional”;
•learned Lisa Hartsock, Greg Perry, Dawn Frank and Kristine Kissell attended the IU8 workshop “The HELP Kit To the Rescue” on Thursday, Oct. 23, 2003;
•learned Diane Johnson, Sara Weamer and five students attended a “Writing in Action” workshop at Susquehanna University on Monday, Oct. 27, 2003;
•noted the reorganization/regular meeting scheduled for Dec. 2 will be held at 6 p.m.; and
•noted the Data Warehouse demonstration scheduled for Nov. 10 has been postponed.