Altoona radio station sold to Cresson broadcaster

News/Talk radio station WRTA, Altoona has entered into a sales agreement with a Cresson based broadcaster.
Rod Wolf, president of Altoona Trans audio, announced the agreement with David A. Barger, president of Sounds Good Inc., which operates FM station Q94. The agreement is subject to approval by the FCC and will mark the first change in ownership of WRTA in more than 45 years.
Wolf first joined WRTA in 1957. He, along with the late Lou Murray, then vice president of the company, began the first local talk radio program in 1960. The show was called “Open Mike” and at first featured host Terry Parker for one hour each morning during weekdays. Music was featured the rest of the day.
“Twenty years ago I made the decision to leave music programming altogether and go talk. We’ve never looked back,” Wolf recalled in explaining a switch that moved the station away from a long-time radio staple. “We were in uncharted waters when we switched to ‘talk’ programming from 10 a.m. until midnight.”
Barger stated, “I’ve been a fan of WRTA talk radio ever since the days of Terry Parker. It uniquely serves the community.
“We do not plan any major changes in programming or personnel,” said Barger when asked about his plans for the station by The Tyrone Daily Herald. “Our plan is continue the great tradition at WRTA that Rod Wolf started many years ago. Rod Wolf will continue as broadcaster emeritus here at WRTA. His influence on the station will continue into retirement.”
“David Barger was an excellent entrepreneur and businessman outside of the radio business and has development a real talent and ability in our business since entering it several years ago. I feel comfortable with him taking over the reins at WRTA,” said Wolf when contacted by telephone at the radio station this morning.
Barger went on to say he felt the stations, WRTA and Q94 would compliment each other and the move was one that had been in the works for several years. Barger also indicated Q94 would move its operations into WRTA’s 12th Avenue, Altoona location sometime after the first of the year.

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