Work delayed at hockey rink

The skating rink project of Tyrone Borough was in its timeline until earlier this week when work was halted because of inspectors were not pleased with some of the subcontracting work.
Mayor Patricia Stoner told The Daily Herald yesterday afternoon that Krieger Contracting, who won the bid for the project, sent inspectors to the site recently before work could move ahead. Stoner said the inspection revealed that some of the batter boards that circle the play area were not fitting snugly together.
“This wll slow things down for awhile,” said Stoner, “but we don’t want anyone to get hurt. That’s what we’re afraid of.”
According to Stoner, Krieger has been notified of the problem and a meeting will be set-up within the next week to figure out how to solve the problem.
“Krieger didn’t do the work,” said Stoner, “but they tell us this should only take about a week to fix.”
Although the work is delayed, Stoner remains enthusiastic about the project and what it will bring to the kids of Tyrone.
“We may have to start everything we planned a little later,” said Stoner. “But that’s okay. We’re putting a good thing in here for the kids of Tyrone.
“We’re hoping the hockey program here will take off like the soccer program did,” said Stoner.
Last year, more than 200 kids were enrolled in the youth soccer program. And even more are expected next year.
As for equipment, Stoner said the community has done a great job to help with the project. Since the hockey rink concept came to be, Stoner has successfully collected 30 pairs of in-line skates, four sets of knee and elbow pads, three hockey sticks, a couple of helmets, $100 in cash donations and gift cards for equipment from Wal-Mart and K-mart.
“(Tuesday) night, while at the Halloween Parade, I saw a few kids with in-line skate and wearing hockey jerseys,” she said.
“They told me they we’re excited for it. We here at the borough are too.”
Anyone wishing to make a cash donation or equipment donation are encouraged to drop the items off at the borough office or contacting the borough at 684-1330. All cash donation collected will be used to purchase new equipment.