Tyrone Hospital Board votes to seek change in leadership

Citing a need for a change in leadership to aggressively address the challenges of today’s healthcare environment, Judy Norris, chairperson of the Tyrone Hospital Board of Directors, told The Daily Herald this morning that the institution is seeking a new chief executive officer and chief financial officer.
“The board feels it is in the best interest of Tyrone Hospital to transition to new executive leadership,” said Norris. “We understand and appreciate the significance of this decision. We are also confident that this move is the best for Tyrone Hospital and the community.”
According to Norris, the hospital’s board of directors Monday night voted unanimously, 15-0, to remove Thomas Bartlett from the position of chief financial officer and George Semko from the position of chief financial officer. The vote to remove both men from the positions was effective immediately.
“This decision in no way will affect the day-to-day operations of the Tyrone Hospital or the quality of care that it provides,” said Norris.
Norris said the unanimous decision was made in the best interest of the future direction of the hospital, but did not comment further on the reason why. She said the board believes the decision is a personnel matter and the reasons behind the decision should stay within the governing body.
The board has asked Quorum Health Resources (QHR) to assign a new chief executive officer and a new chief financial officer to lead the organization. QHR provides management services to Tyrone Hospital.
In the meantime, Michael Halstead, QHR vice president, will be responsible for the hospital’s daily operations, and Arebi Garca is serving in an advisory capacity in accordance with the CFO position, until QHR assigns an interim CEO and CFO.
“Both men were former CEOs and CFOs (although not for the Tyrone Hospital),” said Norris. “We’re confident with both men in those positions until interims can be found.”
Norris also noted that three of the five members of the senior management team at the hospital are still in place in their positions.
A search committee will be appointed by the Board to interview candidates that are identified in a national recruiting effort by QHR. There is no current timeframe for the search process to be completed.
“QHR is a national company that can manage our hospital while searching for candidates to meet our leadership needs for the future,” said Norris.
Norris said the interim CEO and CFO will be hired within the next few days.