Roller hockey rink project entering final stages

One of the projects that Tyrone Borough has been working on for the past couple years is getting closer to fruition. The roller hockey rink, located next to the Tyrone Community Pool will be ready for play in the next couple weeks.
“We still have the lines to get painted,” said Tyrone Mayor Pat Stoner. “Craig Fencing is coming in to install the benches for the team area and the penalty boxes. There is still some landscaping to do, but we should be ready to have our clinics soon.”
There will be two clinics that will be offered shortly after the rink is ready for play that will teach the basics of hockey.
“Our chief of police (Joe Beachem) is going to coach a team,” said the mayor. “This is going to be a lot like the soccer program. We need to get parents involved. When soccer started, many of the parents had no idea about the rules of soccer. Now there are over 200 players in the youth soccer program and many of the parents have become coaches. Hockey, we hope, will turn out the same way.”
The wet weather put construction of the rink behind schedule and the final cost to the borough is in the neighborhood of $128,000.
The volleyball courts that were located where the hockey rink is now, will be moved to the other end of Reservoir Park.
“We wanted to keep the younger kids together,” said the mayor. “Many kids who will play hockey will also use the pool. Most of the people who used the volleyball courts were older kids and young adults and they won’t mind the move as much.”
Stoner noted that there will not be lights at the hockey rink and when Reservoir Park closes for the evening, the hockey rink will close as well.
“This is on the edge of a residential neighborhood,” said Stoner. “We didn’t want them to have to deal with lights shining in their living rooms when they are home enjoying their evening.”
The roller hockey rink will be available to the public year-round when it opens.
“If the kids want to come and shovel off the rink to play, we will have no problem with that,” said the mayor. “We want to give the kids of this borough another thing to do.”