Reliance Bank accepts TCP offer for Citizens Social Hall

Since July of 2003, when the Citizens Volunteer Fire Company ceased operations, Reliance Bank has been piece by piece selling the equipment and buildings to recoup its losses.
This morning, Reliance Bank commercial lending officer Bob Bilger announced that the bank has accepted the offer by the Tyrone Community Partnership on the former Citizens Social Hall.
“There is still some paper work to do, but the bank accepted the offer of the partnership this morning,” said Bilger.
The partnership has used the social hall for some of its functions to include soup samplings last year.
“We’re very happy to receive this news,” said Linda Daniels, Tyrone Community Partnership acting president. “It is going to take a lot of work from the community to make this project work.”
The sale price wasn’t announced.
“The bank is still working on the final details,” said Daniels. “We are looking ahead and have some projects already lined up and ready to go.
“We’re going to have the center open for face painting for the Halloween parade and trick-or-treat night,” said Daniels.
“On November 6, we are going to have a spaghetti dinner. We have some ideas that are coming up to use the facility in the best way to serve the community.”
When asked about financing of the project, Daniels said the board is looking at options.
“We are going to market the facility,” said Daniels. “We have been contacted about wedding receptions being held there. We have an income coming in from the church that uses the building and renting the old carriage house. We hope to offer the building for rental for different occasions, events, meetings etc.”
The partnership is hoping to get the project up and running soon.
“We will be staffing it ourselves until we get up and on our feet,” said Daniels. “We would be glad to get any help that community members are willing to give us.”
Daniels also noted that Scott Collinash and Alice Mulhollen will do catering and floral arranging for weddings and dinners that could be held there.
One name that was mentioned as a possible moniker for the facility was brought up at a recent community meeting. The name was the Fred Waring Community Center.
“We will be discussing the naming,” said Daniels. “Our board will come up with suggestions and name the center. That is one name that has been mentioned so far.”
The papers still need to be signed, but what could have been two empty spaces in downtown Tyrone has turned into beneficial spaces for two community organizations.
“Our goal all along was to keep as much in Tyrone as possible,” said Bilger. “We’re satisfied that we have taken care of the obligation and kept things in the Tyrone community.”