Newly hired Antis Township manager getting his feet wet

He’s only been on the job for about a month, but Jeff Ziegler has already says that he loves the community.
Ziegler was hired as Antis Township manager last month by the governing body of the community, and since then, he’s dealt with the trials and tribulations of the storm water problems with Hurricane Isabel, meeting everyone that makes the township work, and learning the “in and outs” of the township.
And he’s enjoying every minute of it.
“I truly like it here,” said Ziegler. “It reminds me so much of back home in Oil City. There’s pockets of communities all over and the people are great. I think it’s going to be great working in an area similar to what I know.”
Ziegler graduated from Oil City High School and pursued an bachelor’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh. After graduation, he attended Penn State University where he received a master’s degree in public administration.
While studying at Penn State, Ziegler worked with the Centre Region Council of Governments, which is a voluntary association of six local governments designed to further the needs of the area. During his stint with CRCOG, Ziegler worked with the organization’s budget plans and also contributed with other programs.
“I’m a driven individual that enjoys working hard,” said Ziegler. “I have a strong drive to be a good public servant and I want that to carry on with the work I do here in Antis Township. I’m totally a civic-minded individual.”
His determined attitude is evidenced by his hard work at grad school. While at PSU, he drove to Harrisburg once a week, and sometimes twice, for required course work.
Ziegler also said he has a good repertoire with people.
“I’m people person,” said Ziegler. “I’ve met quite a few township residents already and I can’t wait to meet more. There are good people around here, and my door is always open.”
Ziegler said his short-term goals are to continue learning the basics of the township, which includes meeting more and more people each and every day. He attended his first township meeting earlier this month and is looking forward to a road inspection later this month.
As for the long-term, Ziegler said he hopes the township will revisit the subdivision ordinance, noting the document was drafted before the idea of Interstate 99 came into being. He also said he hopes to revisit the township’s comprehensive plan and make adjusts where necessary.
“I’m working with a good group of people here,” said Ziegler. “The supervisors here really care about what they’re doing and the people who elected them should be proud of who they put in here.”
Ziegler resides in State College with his wife Raeshel.