Local Armed Services Mothers Organization prepares to pack boxes from home

For the past 15 years, the Armed Forces Mothers Organization, Squad No. 41 have made the month of November its busy time for packing Christmas boxes for military personal.
It is currently in the process of collecting donated items and cash donations from the local community.
Each year the group packs at least 80 boxes, which are to sent to sons, daughters, grandchildren and other military men and women here in the United States and overseas, including: Iraq, South Korea, England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Bosnia.
There are 43 mothers in the organization including four from Tyrone. Five local Tyrone sons and daughters enjoy their boxes from home each year.
“We fill the boxes with lots of things from home including Benzel pretzels, DelGrosso sauce and salsa, Tasty Cakes and even local phone books,” said Sally Miller, president of the group. “And the homemade cookies and fudge are really popular and of course they are shared with the other troops. They are always excited with the boxes arrive.”
One of the local mothers involved is Mary Brunner of Tyrone. Her grandson is currently in Iraq guarding one of the many pipelines in that country.
“He came home on emergency medical leave, had two knee surgeries and then went to Iraq and has been there since August 22, 2003,” Brunner told The Daily Herald. Her grandson is still on crutches while serving in Iraq.
Public Relations Officer Luann Learner verified that there are 68 sons and daughters who receive the gifts from home, and 55 grandchildren are also taken care of each holiday season.
The organization is asking for the help of the business community to help make Christmas 2003 one to remember. Your donated items show our military personal that you support them while they are away from their families doing the important job of keeping the peace and defending the United States of America.
Last year the group, based in Altoona, spent over $3,400 to fill, pack, and mail out Christmas boxes. Cash donations will be accepted to help with shipping costs and to help purchase items to fill the boxes.
Any items or monies donated would be great appreciated by the both the Armed Forces Mothers, and the military personnel who proudly serve their country. Sally Miller is the President of the local group and Tyrone’s Mary Brunner, listed as Presenting Mother can be reached locally at 684-4884.