Grier School downs Lion JVs

The Grier School improved to 3-1 with a 5-2 win over the State College junior varsity squad.
Grier won all four singles matches that were contested and the number one doubles match to take a 5-0 advantage with just two more doubles teams to compete.
Grier School 5 State College JVs 2
Francesca Boenning (G) def. Laurissa Washcov 8-2.
Linnea Boenning (G) def. Hannah Reighter 8-5.
Cristina Trujillo (G) def. Kelly McGill 8-2.
Valska Kuhn def. Ashley Oliver 8-4.
Gintare Karalyte/Anna Garankova (G) def. Zeger/Maxin 8-2.
Rogers/Grago (SC) def. Ali Reed/ Aya O’Hara 8-2.
Freeman/Gilmore (SC) def. Sadaf Zafer/Sarah Khan 8-4.