Fire protection talks continue in Snyder Township

Last evening, supervisors held a special meeting to find out the public’s input on fire protection in Snyder Township.
However, supervisor Jim Daughenbaugh expressed his disappointment that only a few residents showed up for the meeting. Approximately 12 people were in attendance to voice their concerns over the fire protection issue in the township.
“We’re not going to jeopardize anybody without sufficient fire protection,” said Daughenbaugh.
Currently, Snyder Township has a contract with Tyrone Borough for fire protection that costs the township approximately $19,900 a year. The fire agreement is in effect until December 31, 2004. The Bald Eagle Fire Company receives approximately $10,000 from the township each year for fire protection.
One concern that was brought up by residents is the Bald Eagle Fire Company needs more monetary support from the township.
Another concerned resident asked, “If Bald Eagle (Fire Company) was called before Tyrone, would Sessamen’s house have burned?”
This was in reference to the house fire that destroyed the Bald Eagle home of Scott and Terri Sessamen earlier this year.
When there is a fire or other emergency in Snyder Township, the Hookies and Neptunes, the fire companies located in Tyrone Borough, are notified first. Then, the Bald Eagle Fire Company, located just passed the Bald Eagle Intersection, is notified.
Daughenbaugh said, in reference to the Sessamen house fire, that the Tyrone fire companies were called before the Bald Eagle Fire Company because of a 911 emergency dispatcher mistake.
However, Daughenbaugh said one of the problems he has with the fire agreement contract with Tyrone is that Bald Eagle Fire Company is not called first if there is an emergency in Snyder Township.
He wants to change the agreement so that Bald Eagle Fire Company includes the whole township and is notified first of any emergencies.
Some residents disagree with this proposal because Snyder Township extends to the areas of Grazierville and Janesville, among others. The Bald Eagle Fire Company would have to drive through Tyrone to reach these destinations.
Daughenbaugh agrees that the Neptunes and Hookies should be the first ones on the site for these places. However, he wants it so that the Bald Eagle Fire Company is the first on site in places like Northwood, Decker Hollow, and Bald Eagle.
Another concerned resident asked if Tyrone Borough provides an account of where the approximately $19,900 goes for fire protection each year or if the borough provides a record of every time they come to Snyder Township for an emergency.
The supervisors said they do not receive a record of how the money is spent or how many times the fire companies actually have to come into the township, but they will look into it further.
Also, Daughenbaugh said he is planning on meeting with the Bald Eagle Fire Company to see how they want to proceed.